Account Director

  • 1st class Hons Degree from Manchester University
  • Began her advertising career at Leo Burnett, London in 2002
  • Founded own Strategic Brand Consultancy
  • Specialist in strategic marketing, notably devising the Chalk & Ward proprietary Core Values system
  • Oversees and manages the integration of digital, advertising, media and PR into a cohesive strategy
  • Experienced with a range of global, national and local clients, including P&G, Kellogg’s, Electrolux, Chrysalis and Centrax
  • Part of management team

One of Gemma’s best attributes is her willingness to communicate and organise our marketing requirements as well as pushing us to think about our goals and strategy to make sure we get our message out there. We used to be much more off the cuff, but we now with the aid of a few workshops created and run by Gemma we have a distinctive goal and brand essence and we all know what is trying to be achieved.

Ross Elliott, Managing Director, Chrysalis


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