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We recognise that agency people and values provide the foundations for a world-class client experience. So, earlier in 2018, the whole team at Chalk + Ward embarked on a ‘Core Values’ exercise to take a comprehensive look at our culture.

With consumer behaviour being harder to predict then ever before, here at Chalk + Ward we’ve developed an approach to evaluate each store on its own individual merit. By undertaking an extensive audit covering everything from location to product to people, we make sure our retail clients are putting the right product on the, shelves.

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Successful handling of a data security breach can limit reputational damage as well as financial losses.

Robert Chalk, Managing Director of Chalk + Ward, shares his marketing insights by looking at PR and the nature of influence in today’s digitally obsessed world.

Early in 2016 we were approached by Delica AG, who wanted to launch Café Royal – their market leading coffee brand in Asia, Australia and parts of Europe – here in the UK.

Easy enough, right? Well, not exactly, when you consider how competitive the FMCG marketplace is, particularly given that we were starting with zero brand awareness. Add in a target audience of the UK’s leading supermarket category buyers (who are impossible to engage with) and suddenly you’ve got a mammoth task on your hands.

But strategy is what we do here at Chalk & Ward Advertising, so we put our thinking caps on and devised a plan for how best to penetrate this fiercely competitive market from a standing start. Our strategy was two-fold – firstly, target the trade audience with the aim of getting Café Royal listed on supermarket shelves, then build the consumer awareness once this foundation was in place.

One thing was obvious – we had to make a big impact and make sure the key decision makers knew exactly who Café Royal are, and what they stand for. So, how do you get noticed by the key decision makers? Simple… get them all in one room and serve them your fantastic new product.


That’s exactly why we went to The Grocer, the leading FMCG publication in the UK, securing an exclusive deal to sponsor their prestigious Gold Awards 2016 at the Guildhall in London. We started with a tease campaign, just to get the taste buds going, before ramping up to a heavy multi-media presence at the awards. Pretty good coverage and awareness, but we wanted to make an even bigger splash, which is why we negotiated to have Café Royal coffee served to the hundreds of guests and VIPs during the awards dinner – something unprecedented for The Grocer.

A multi-channel campaign congratulating the winners followed, and suddenly we had established a brand new player in the UK coffee market. The campaign was a huge success, both for us, and more importantly, Café Royal. Instant brand awareness meant new, strong leads, with buyers currently being engaged to discuss highly lucrative supermarket listings.

So, with the first part of our strategy complete, what’s next on the horizon for Café Royal? We’re already building on that momentum by increasing consumer engagement through a variety of social media channels, and we’re finalising the 2017 UK marketing strategy as we speak.

We’ve got our lips sealed when it comes to some of the exciting plans we’ve got, both for the B2B and B2C markets, but you can be sure that you’ll be seeing a lot more of the Café Royal brand in the next year and, as with everything we do here at Chalk & Ward, we’ll be making a big impact.