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Favourite Valentine’s Campaigns


Valentine’s Day is an increasingly special occasion for loved-up couples and even more so for brands, as the day has become renowned for consumers emptying their pockets. With over £13.1 billion spent on celebrating Valentine’s Day in 2015, consumer-focused businesses can’t afford to miss out on such huge sales potential. The average consumer is set […]

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The History of Valentine’s Marketing Campaigns


Valentine’s Day may have been around since the 5th century, but for how long have businesses used the occasion as a springboard for their marketing campaigns? Join us in a look-back at some of the best and most interesting Valentine’s campaigns since the dawn of time (almost). 1940s First on our romantic pilgrimage through time […]

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Brands & Christmas – 10 of the Best Christmas Ads


When it comes to Christmas Campaigns, there are thousands of brands who attempt to capitalise on the festive spirit every year but only a few manage to succeed in moving their audience. We’ve looked through hundreds of ads and after careful consideration, decided on our top ten of all time. UNICEF Useless Gifts  Christmas is […]

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Is a red cup really that special? – A look at Christmas brand engagement


As Christmas draws closer, most people are familiar with seeing a brand’s marketing efforts become increasingly festive. The holiday season is a chance to capitalise on major events and multiply their momentum with customer’s joy and excitement. Not only do businesses spend millions on producing great Christmas Ads, but many invest heavily into campaigns targeted […]

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Chalk & Ward Services

Why Chalk & Ward


With a number of new digital, creative and specialist agencies emerging within Devon and the wider areas, we took the time to answer a question that we’re increasingly asked by prospective clients – why Chalk & Ward? If you’ve had a look at our site, the answer hopefully becomes clear. We have and continue to […]

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Branding and Sport – How Businesses Capitalise on Major Sporting Events


If there’s one thing that gets everyone talking, it’s global sporting events like the Olympics, FIFA World Cup or more closer to home, the Rugby World Cup. Every few years we get the opportunity to indulge our competitive streak in exciting competitions, showcasing some of the world’s best talent and watched by millions of eager […]

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