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Living online?!


We can now truthfully say that we don’t just go online anymore…we live online!

We all know how fascinating the internet is and how many new tools and technologies are being developed for us keen marketers but let’s strip the internet back to basics and remind ourselves of the simple things in life that we can now do online.

I mean really normal, everyday things that can be done without stepping foot outside our front door:

Food Shopping – gone are the days of a trolley with wonky wheels, hello to the days of sitting on the couch watching Friends re-runs while choosing bread, milk and coffee for the week which, by the way, will be delivered to the door (heaven!)

Online Food Shopping

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Clothes Shopping – trying on clothes in tiny fitting rooms while listening to the girl next door moan about how fat she is because she has gone from a size 4-6 (pfft). This simply isn’t for us when we can browse copious amounts of sales online and have the clothes delivered right to our door (or a neighbour’s house if for some reason you have chosen to leave the house and you’re not in to sign for it…even better!).

Socialising – ‘do you fancy a pint down the pub for a catch up?’ … nah, that means leaving the house, I’ll just whataspp and tweet you simultaneously, so you know everything that has been happening with me. And I know you and your baby are ok anyway because you put up all little Johnny’s potty-training photos on Facebook. Thanks.

Working out – gym membership? Scrap that! Nowadays you have endless celeb workouts at your fingertips with the wonders of YouTube.

Work out online

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Working – gone are the days of Monday morning watercooler conversations, many of us will just drink tea and work from our laptops in bed while checking the watercooler action on Facebook.

Booking a holiday – just logon to, Low Cost Holidays,, Expedia –you get the idea – and once you have found somewhere that looks good, just double check the reviews on TripAdvisor to make sure it really is a good deal. All this while in the comfort of your own living room!

Photo albums – does anyone know what these are anymore? All my photos get uploaded and tagged on every social media app I own and MUST be filtered! #SnappySnaps

Online Sharing

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Ok, so you can see where this is going. 

Everyday tasks can now all be done without having to move a muscle other than your scrolling thumb or typing fingers.

Play games, order takeaway, take an online course, read a book, watch movies/tv/documentaries (I mean we haven’t even mentioned Netflix!), buy a car, tax your car, insure your car… makes me wonder if I even need a car?!

I know I sound like an old person moaning about the youths of today on their phones but this is important stuff! The world and the way we do things is changing. For businesses, it’s key to everything their consumer does.

Google recently published an article called ‘I-Want-To-Buy moments’ where they explored exactly this topic. We are either staying at home doing things online or when we do go out, we use our phones to go online and check everything we want to buy.

While making a purchase from a shop, 82% of smartphone users will turn to their device to check reviews or see if they can buy the product somewhere else cheaper.

To see the full article, click here.

Being able to get an answer exactly when you want it is what consumers want. They want quick information, quality answers and to buy things at the click of a button while at the same time knowing that they have got the best deal.

Technology and the way we do everything, yes EVERYTHING, has changed and it’s important that you keep up.

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