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2016… What Can We Expect?


What trends can we expect to see in 2016?

We have a look over what could be coming from the next 12 months but first, let’s recap over what happened in 2015.

  • People want options. We are not saying Google is on the way out, not at all, but people do want alternatives for searches. There are multiple options for internet search now including Duck Duck Go, Ask Jeeves, (yes, it is still going!) and a host of others which you can see in one of our previous blogs


  • Mobile search, mobile optimisation, mobile conversation … mobile, mobile, mobile. This trend started peaking in 2015 in terms of advertisers targeting more and more mobile and understanding how important this is for users.


  • We also saw the rise of new payment methods such as Apple pay. Many of the major banks and retailers have started using the tech giant’s pay system and we’ve also seen the rise of contactless payment.


Trends in 2016

Now let’s see predictions of what might be happening this year, the grand year of 2016!

Content writing and algorithms.

Content is now being rewarded on the value it gives to readers rather than the keyword-heavy spammy tactics. Therefore in 2016 content will need to be high quality and engaging. This will see you ranking higher on Google’s SEO than currently if your content is just full of keywords.

Algorithms are also getting smarter, picking up on things such as content and personality traits of audiences. Digital is crossing over in to every part of marketing. People want measurable information and with data and algorithms being put in place this is possible for nearly everything.

Google isn’t the only platform to improve on this either, the likes of Yahoo has enhanced its search alliance by launching Gemini, a mobile search and native advertising solution and Instagram is now seeing a huge growth in advertising and will continue to see this in 2016.

Our prediction for 2016 is that there will be more ways to measure campaigns and obtain data. We have already seen the launch of Sky AdSmart in 2015, an advanced system which will track certain algorithms of their audience and can feed back to clients exactly who is watching, when, where and for how long.

And what about radio? Let’s not forget DAX, Global’s digital measuring platform. Again, this allows advertisers to measure an audience’s response where they couldn’t before, targeting audiences on radio, Spotify and streaming.

Soon there won’t be a campaign or medium that you can’t measure.



One of the biggest trends that has been growing consistently over the last couple of years and one we think will change even more over the next year is mobile and cross device marketing. It is already obvious that mobile isn’t seen as just a medium anymore, it’s a way of life!

Making a website responsive is not enough for our audiences; they need to be able to get all the information when they want it at a click of a button! Google refers to these moments as Micro-moments and include everything that we do; shopping, travelling, buying a car, going to the cinema, purchasing your morning coffee, picking which restaurant to eat at – the list goes on and on! This trend is one that certainly will be expanding at an enormous rate through 2016 with apps and widgets having to constantly evolve and adapt to the consumer needs.



Audiences are becoming more and more aware of their health with various wearable technologies. This will allow marketers to gain more insight into a certain audience’s health, such as insurance; if a company like LV or Aviva can see your health they can target specific Life insurance products your way. Wearables don’t just need to be watches either. Our phones can be used to monitor our heart rates and keep a record of our health along with other gadgets such as pedometers or Fitbits.  As the NHS keep hammering down on us about how fat and unhealthy we are, consumers are now finding it easier to get on track with the help of these wearables. It allows a person to record their achievements and spot anything that they need to improve.

We predict that these wearables will continue to be a big hit in 2016, particularly with New Year’s resolutions and we’re looking forward to seeing how marketers are going to use the information.

Wearable trending in 2016



Lastly but certainly not least on our list, is virtual reality games! Now who doesn’t love to feel like they are actually in Modern Warfare or Call of Duty?! We know a lot of guys (and girls) that would. But before we start on this trend we need to take you back to your youth and remind you that Virtual Reality is not something that has suddenly been invented but rather something that has been slowly adapted over the years. You may remember back when you used to visit theme parks, they had a big spaceship-style simulator with a big screen at the front that you could sit in and they would rock you and bump you around. This is an older type of virtual reality but one which has paved the way for a new kind of single player experience. HTC has just announced that they will be releasing their HTC Vive which has the highest resolution of all the virtual reality headsets on the market and has a refresh rate of 90fps (meaning less motion sickness!). This will be one of many we expect as we are sure this is going to be a huge trend in 2016. Soon the days of children sitting in their rooms playing PlayStation will be gone, instead they will be in another land, captured via virtual reality!

These are our predictions… what are yours?

Good bye 2015, hello 2016


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