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Chalk & Ward Advertising Year End Round-Up


Robert Chalk

As an advertising &  marketing agency, we are fortunate to work in a consultative nature across many sectors, giving us a fairly privileged viewpoint on the state of the economy both regionally and nationally. Whilst some markets are likely to endure tough times for a while yet, things are generally finally on the up and the mood is a more positive one. I am glad to say this has reflected well for Chalk & Ward Advertising and given us the confidence to make some bold steps of our own.

After 10 years on the Quayside, Chalk & Ward Advertising, moved to Chichester Place in Southernhay and is the most substantial thing we’ve done in 2013 so far. It coincided with the lease ending on the old premises, so we bit the bullet and are glad we did. There’s a real buzz about the agency and we look forward to reaping the benefits of this and our new prestigious location in the years to come.

Our old website was frequently praised and much liked, but one of the challenges of being a professional marketing firm is that we have to practice what we preach and move with the times!

The old site looked great and initially worked fabulously for the company, even leading to an impressive list of new clients, but with the Google updates and our consequent poorer SEO performance, the debate over whether we needed a new site or not, was a short one!

Mobile and responsive sites are a must for many sectors, a trend that will only continue to gain momentum, so this was the obvious route. It dovetailed with the move to Southernhay and our 15th Birthday later this month, as well as providing the platform to show off more of our impressive work.

Marketing is more dynamic than it’s ever been. The growth in our digital marketing team proves this, now taking up an entire floor of the new building. We have made the strategic decision that those involved in digital marketing spend at least 25% of their time learning, reading, observing, training and keeping abreast of developments – a significant investment for us but one that will allow the agency to stay ahead of the competition in an area that’s expanding beyond belief.

We have also finally added PR to our offering, something Giles and I have been looking to do for more than a decade. To be frank, we’ve struggled to find anyone good enough, so when we met Bracken Jelier we hoped we’d finally met someone capable of delivering a great service and building a PR team. In just one year, all expectations have been smashed and what’s been achieved for clients is both highly impressive and successful. All very exciting for the future!

What Impact has this made on Chalk & Ward Advertising?

Our new office and end of year round up

So, how does all this impact upon us as an advertising agency? Well, June 30th marks the end of our financial year. In 2011/12, we achieved a record turnover and finally broke a glass ceiling that had been in place for most of the recession. I am proud to announce that we will be 25% up on that record by the end of June 2013. An amazing achievement by the team here. You’re great, each and every one of you, and I’m sure I speak for our clients too when I thank you for your hard work, loyalty and dedication.

Most of all I’d like to thank our clients. You accept that we’ll challenge you, even if it’s not necessarily what you want to hear! You go with our recommendations and trust that we’ll do what’s right for you. You’ll trust us with your marketing investments, in an industry where no exact science exists. This trust takes courage, is often a leap of faith and I genuinely applaud you for it.

Here’s to continued success for both you and Chalk & Ward Advertising.