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Annual Pumpkin Carving Championships


A cat and a classic carving

We do like a bit of healthy competition here at the agency and there’s nothing healthier than a Pumpkin Carving Competition!

With Halloween becoming more of a ‘thing’ here in the UK, some of the team entered into the C&W Annual Pumpkin Carving Championships. Ok, so this was the first one but hopefully we’ve started a tradition here…

Pumpkin carving championships

The rules were straightforward:

  • Carve a pumpkin
  • Take a photo of your finished pumpkin
  • Submit the photo by the competition deadline (Monday 2nd November)

All of the entries were collected by the Newsletter team and went through a rigorous judging process. Sort of.

A winner has been chosen…

*drum roll*

a BIG congratulations to

Sarah Lawrence-Ball who puuuurfectly carved this outstanding feline design:

SLB Pumpkin

Sarah Lawrence-Ball’s winning pumpkin!

Sarah is lucky enough to not only win the recognition and admiration of the rest of the team but also a prize of the edible variety.

Here’s a gallery of all of the entries into this year’s competition:

A classic pumpkin

A classic carving from Gemma Boss

Pumpkin carving championships

A menacing pumpkin from Laura Cornick


Pumpkin Owl

A hoot of a pumpkin from Greig Barclay


Spider Pumpkin

A creepy carving from Holly Brereton