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Attending the TAAN Global Conference


For those who aren’t familiar, TAAN is a Global network made up of the best independent agencies from around the World, with one agency hand-picked to represent each Country. Chalk & Ward were recognised for our advertising and communications skills and selected to represent the UK within the group. We have been a member since 2014 and have attended many of the international summits.

Most recently, TAAN held its global conference in the fast-moving business epicentre, Singapore. After a 13-hour flight which felt like a lifetime, Robert arrived in the capital and was eager to meet other agency directors who had travelled from all corners of the globe.

The 3-day conference addressed many common topics within the marketing and advertising industries, including innovative new services, digital developments and client servicing.

Being part of the TAAN network allows us to meet the 52 other agency directors which provides a rare insight into the way other marketing professionals operate and sharing the most successful techniques in the industry. Not only is this a good chance to share our skills but knowing about successful strategies which have not necessarily been implemented in the UK is an exciting opportunity for our growth-seeking clients.

Our membership also gives us exclusive access to some of the best and most innovative marketing tools in the World, as soon as they become available. It’s a strategic partnership which gives us many benefits, all of which we can pass straight onto the businesses who work with us.

Trend Watching

The TAAN network has recently partnered with innovation-based organisation Trend Watching, which focuses on highlighting and making use of the latest ideas and developments in the industry. It offers a portal to share information as soon as it becomes available, ensuring members of the TAAN network are consistently leading the marketing and advertising landscape.

Our MD, Robert Chalk, has said this about the event;

“Learning new skills and experiencing presentations from key international players in specific fields, is exceptionally interesting and useful. But for me it’s the sharing of skills and knowledge, and sometimes concerns, issues and problems, with fellow directors is the greatest benefit of TAAN. They may operate in different countries or continents, but it seems we share common views on market opportunities and threats. Being able to chat openly and honestly on a peer-to-peer basis would simply not be possible anywhere else.”

To find out more about TAAN and some of the exclusive, industry-leading tools we have access to, visit