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Some big Chalk & Ward anniversaries


Linda 10 years

Change is good.

As the old saying goes ‘a change is as good as a rest’ and if you read our last blog you’ll see that we have had a lot of change in the agency this year. This is what keeps us on our toes!

However there is something just as, if not more important than shaking things up; stability and particularly stability amongst your staff.  Apologies to you non-football fans out there but let’s take Manchester United as an example – bringing in new players is a must for the team and all part of the game, but when Sir Alex Ferguson announced his retirement on May 8th 2013, the players and indeed the club itself had their successful, solid, steady, reliable rug ripped out from under their feet. David Moyes had the unenviable task of delivering the same kind of success in a short space of time. It didn’t go well. Rather than giving Moyes time to settle, get to know the players and establish himself, the owners chose to remove him and appoint yet another new manager in Louis Van Gaal. One could argue that too much change can, and has in this case, cause real problems.

So back to C&W and though we are always happy to have new faces in the office, we are just as thrilled with how many of our team have been with us for a significant amount of time and this year alone we have celebrated three huge milestone anniversaries.

Back in April we celebrated 15 years of Senior Designer and Studio Manager, Alister Tickle’s employment with the agency. We then marked a decade of numerical mastery from Accounts Assistant, Linda Hamilton and followed a month later with yet more cheer (and cake) when Senior Designer Clayton McCarthy also celebrated 10 years under the Chalk & Ward banner. And we still have several more milestones to come!

Having staff who have been with us this long is not only good for the business, but great for the newbies as well. They have people in each department who they can turn to for help and advice, who know the business in and out and have stuck with us through good times and bad and we are proud to have such wonderful talented people who have dedicated so much of their time to Chalk & Ward. Here’s to another 10 years!

Clayton's 10 yearsAlister 15 years