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Blame it on the weatherman


Met Office tour

It is quite exciting to think that our little city is home to the UK’s national weather service, The Met Office, and being lucky enough to count them among our clients is a privilege.

(Have a read of our case study to find out how we helped successfully launch one of their newest products, DemandMet™ to the FMCG retail market)

The Met Office is an international operation working to provide accurate forecasts round the clock, all over the world to the public, businesses, the armed forces and the government. But closer to home, we rely on them to give us the information we want; be it forecasting snow on Christmas Day or informing us we’re about to have the hottest summer in 100 years.

However you keep an eye on what the weather is up to, the Met Office are the people behind the forecasts. Although many of us now check the weather online or via an app on our phones, it’s still useful to get a detailed report from a weather forecaster on TV – and presenting the forecast is a bit more difficult than it looks as Robert found out when he went on a tour of the Met Office!

Robert was invited on the tour as part of the Southernhay Networking Event and given the opportunity to try his hand at a bit of forecasting. It involves standing in front of a green screen with a TV to your left showing you how the image will appear on television. While speaking to the camera to give the forecast and keeping an eye on the screen on your left, you have to ensure you are pointing at the correct places on the map.

‘There is a lot to think about all at once and a lot of multitasking involved – something us men aren’t well known for!’ Robert commented after he had his go.

Met Office Tour

The Met Office run these tours fairly regularly giving members of the public the opportunity to have a go at presenting the weather. They’ll often use this as a talent spotting opportunity but unfortunately on this occasion, it appeared that there was limited forecasting talent in Southernhay Networking group.

Probably best to stick to your day jobs guys!


Met Office Tour