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Brands & Christmas – 10 of the Best Christmas Ads


When it comes to Christmas Campaigns, there are thousands of brands who attempt to capitalise on the festive spirit every year but only a few manage to succeed in moving their audience.

We’ve looked through hundreds of ads and after careful consideration, decided on our top ten of all time.

  1. UNICEF Useless Gifts 

Christmas is a time for giving and what better way to give than by providing life-saving gifts to those who are really in need. Many of us are guilty of splashing out on presents which our loved ones don’t really need and this smart ad by the charity UNICEF reminds us of how Christmas gifts can be put to good use.

  1. Westjet Airport Christmas 

Popular Canadian airline Westjet surprised hundreds of passengers on one of its Christmas flights, after giving them the opportunity to tell Santa about their perfect gift before they departed. The Westjet team faced a race against time, trying to purchase all the requested gifts before the planes arrival and prepare them for the unsuspecting customers. The reactions which followed show how special Christmas can be.

  1. IRN-BRU Snowman 

IRN-BRU puts a comical twist on the classic Christmas film, giving the young boy a can of the drink which the Snowman wishes to taste. The Snowman finally gets hold of the drink at the expense of the boy who falls into a pit of snow.

  1. Yellow Pages 

There are not many brands who can convey the usefulness of their product whilst retaining the festivity of Christmas in 19 seconds. Yellow Pages pull it off in this 1992 ad, where the popular directory comes to the rescue of a young boy wanting his mistletoe kiss. A classic!

  1. Sky Movies – Step into the adventure 

There aren’t many people who are fans of the famous brussel sprout, but I doubt many of us have gone to the lengths which this girl did, in an attempt to get rid of the foreign objects from her plate. Sneaking under the table into a new world, characters such as Big Hero 6 and The Hulk save her from eating the green enemy.

  1. PayPal – No Presents 

In an attempt to secure a Christmas full of presents, the two brothers persistently try to get their parents to go shopping. Christmas Eve arrives and the boys are dubious about their parent’s lack of shopping bags, but surely Christmas isn’t over?

  1. Coca-Cola – Holidays Are Coming 

If you’re curious to see what Coca-Cola Christmas Ads looked like in the 1950s, you can watch it on our other blog here. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy this classic ad which was first released in 1995 and has recently been refreshed. The decorated Coca-Cola truck appears in the town centre which prompts residents into a rush to see it.

  1. John Lewis – The Long Wait 

Many of us will remember the anticipation and excitement of being a child at Christmas, when the 25th takes years to arrive. John Lewis twists the concept by showing a boy who isn’t excited to receive presents but to give them to his parents. A clever and heart-warming story by the famous retail chain.

  1. Sainsbury’s – Christmas is for sharing 

Sainsbury’s have proved to be a big contender for the Christmas ad crown in the last few years, with this war-time commercial becoming a firm favourite. Set amongst the iconic 1914 football game in mid-war, the two sides come together to have a moment of fun and exchange gifts, showing what Christmas is all about.

  1. John Lewis – The Bear and the Hare 

If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed with festivity! Prepare to take another big hit of Christmas spirit with this animated ad from John Lewis. Crowning this ad number 1 was a difficult choice but the wealth of childhood memories brought back by this feel-good tale puts it in its rightful place. Join the group of forest animals in their mission to give the bear a great first Christmas.

Have a look at our rundown of the history of John Lewis ads here and how they have become a big event in the Christmas calendar!