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Jacobs club tv advertising

Warning: Chalk & Ward are not liable for any of the following ad tunes getting stuck in your head.

Who remembers this catchy tune…

Or the campaign behind these rapping farmers? 

If you can, then it’s clear that the advertising has done its job properly. And if you can’t remember the Club ad, then you’re probably not old enough!

But is advertising now changing?

In February, our very own Robert Chalk (or Chalk Face as Bill the host referred to him) was asked to discuss this on BBC Radio Devon.

The discussion went deep in to Robert’s expertise exploring the revolutions of advertising from traditional television ads to digital platforms. The impact of ads, such as the ones shown above were looked at and explored with the argument, ‘is it better to have lots of ads but not many people watching or few ads with a lot of people watching?’

Yeo Valley opted for the latter and only aired their ad a few times which included having a spot in the X Factor ad break. The magnitude of the programme’s reach emphasised the impact of the campaign which is still well remembered and recognised today.

Advertising during big TV events can be costly but with the audience reach, can be well worth it. Have a read of our previous blog ‘Great Ad Expectations‘ which gives you an insight into audience numbers and ad costs – it’s an eye opener!