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Digital Evolution – The Importance Of The Digital Marketing Funnel


digital marketing funnel

Digital marketing is not just about creating a website and waiting for customers or businesses to come to you. Digital marketing is an ever evolving process that requires continuous activity to ensure users can not only find you online but understand the services or products you offer and are able to interact/engage with your brand across multiple platforms and devices.

The Digital Evolution

Digital marketing campaigns are rarely the same for each client, as activity that works for Client A may not work or be the right approach for Client B. Digital marketing is foremost about understanding the goals and objectives of each client and using this information to develop a bespoke digital marketing package that meets these requirements but more importantly generates results.

Digital is evolving and similar to nature, it is a case of survival of the fittest (or survival of the most optimised) when it comes to ranking on top for keyword searches. If your website or digital marketing does not keep up to date with the latest developments then it can very quickly drop away from the top search engine rankings. A recent example of this was Google’s latest major update that focused on mobile optimisation (which you can read further here), but here is the condensed version – any sites that were not mobile friendly (responsive) would suffer ranking drops as mobile optimised sites would be given priority. Since April 21st 2015, non-mobile responsive sites have been put on the search engine rankings endangered list and going forward it is highly likely that within the next couple of years they will become extinct (or close to it).

We’ll put an end to the Darwin references now but you get the idea – digital is constantly evolving and to maintain a site’s performance and visibility we must continue to test, analyse and adapt to digital changes but how?

That is where the Digital Marketing Funnel plays a key role.

The Digital Marketing Funnel

Here at Chalk & Ward our digital team implement not just the tried and tested digital marketing technologies and tools but also analyse and test new software and products as they become available. If digital technologies and techniques prove to have potential benefits for clients then they are recommended, implemented (if agreed), analysed and reported on. Digital marketing is a funnel process that repeats or adapts itself depending on analysis and results and one thing is for certain: it is a constant process.

To understand this process better, we have created a digital marketing funnel to highlight how we approach, measure and report on digital marketing. For each client the marketing techniques, activity and goals may be different but the process remains the same. With digital marketing it is important to get it right from the start.

digital marketing funnel

The Digital Marketing Funnel


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