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Eggcelent Easter Campaigns


With the Easter holiday just around the corner, we’ve cracked open our archive of amazing ads and chosen a select few to have pride of place in our latest blog. Take a look at some of the creative masterpieces which made our list…


AXE Easter Advert

Men’s deodorant brand AXE (also known as Lynx in the UK) is well-known for putting a sexual twist on its lad-targeted advertising campaigns. In this Easter ad developed by BBH London, the image innocently shows a women’s hand cradling two wrapped Easter eggs. However with a strapline of ‘Enjoy the Axe effect this Easter’, the photo is put under a slightly different light…


In a string of price-orientated Ads from discount retailer Aldi, the supermarket decided to show the value for money of its chocolate bunnies in the Easter of 2012. Featuring a suspiciously chocolatey little girl, she explains how she likes the Lindt chocolate bunny but can’t comment on the Aldi chocolate bunny as it seems to have disappeared…

M&S – Adventures In Chocolate

When it comes to mouth-watering, luxuriously indulgent ads, it’s hard to find a company that does it better than M&S. In their 2015 campaign titled ‘Adventures in Chocolate’, the video is 30 seconds of a button-throwing, chunk-cracking, bowl-whisking eggstravaganza (sorry, not sorry). Sit back, relax and be hungry.

Whiskas – Earster Cats

Whiskas Easter CampaignIn an age where cute cat pics own the internet, cat food giant Whiskas invested their 2011 Easter budget into developing an app which adds ears to snaps of our furry loved ones.

Developed by Creative Licence Digital, the team said “Overcoming the challenge of making the most of the technology in an engaging way led us to the solution. The app acted on the viral nature that cat pictures seem to have online. By adding a slightly quirky, humorous element to the photos that the app creates, the photos themselves carry the campaign.”

Whiskas Easter App

The app integrated perfectly with Social Media channels, with users being able to share their most picturesque snaps straight from the app. The ROI is also pretty impressive, with 220,000 people seeing branded photos on social media, average usage time of 10 minutes and an image being uploaded every 10 seconds over the Easter weekend.

The app stood out at the 2011 Design 100 awards, with the Earster Cats app taking home the trophy for ‘Best Use of Mobile Media in Advertising’.


Wilkinson Sword – Egg Head

Wilkinson Sword Easter

Clean shave experts Wilkinson Sword have played on the uncanny and unfortunate resemblance between this man’s head and the pinnacle of Easter that is the egg. Showcasing the talents of their Xtreme 3 razor whilst poking fun at balding skulls worldwide, this ad made us laugh and that alone means it gets a spot on our list.

Mercedes – G-Class Easter Mailing

Mercedes Easter Campaign

Mercedes-Benz gave a handful of lucky German military officials the chance to test drive their new G-Class SUV and thanked those who participated by sending them a branded box of camouflage-coloured eggs. The message inside the box reads ‘The G-Class wishes all soldiers of the Bundeswehr a Happy Easter’. A brilliant example of harnessing the power of a generic holiday season and thinking outside the [egg]box to produce an ultra-targeted and personal marketing campaign.

Nestle – Evil Easter

Nestle Evil Easter Chocolate Campaign

One of the few ads we’ve seen that highlights the negative of Easter – eating chocolate by the handful and having to buy a new belt after just 2 weeks. Nestle promoted their diet chocolate yoghurt range by positioning our favourite Easter treat as the evil alternative, even including an angry chocolate bunny armed with a knife. This ad gets a place on our list for its original concept, but we’re still not sure if it’ll sway us away from the original cocoa goodness though.


And a late contender from Aldi

Aldi love a good parody and they are very good at it. They have just released an imitation of the iconic Cadbury’s Gorilla ad – how do they get away with it??