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Chalk & Ward Make a GOODPOINT with New Client Win



Chalk & Ward are delighted to have been chosen to lead a national awareness campaign by promotions firm, Purple Company.

The agency was chosen above others to undertake branding, digital, strategic and PR work for the company’s latest product, The GOODPOINT Smoke Alarm Tester.

The tester is simple in design but fulfills a vital safety role by assisting people who have difficulty in reaching and testing smoke detectors. It was originally an idea conceived by the Community Safety Manager for Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue, Philip Martin, after he realised how difficult it was for some of the people he advised on smoke alarms to actually test them.

Chalk & Ward Account Director Gemma Boss said; “When the Purple Company approached us, we were struck by the simplicity of the product and the importance of the message behind it. We all know how vital it is to test smoke alarms, but testing them safely was something we’d never considered. When Robert Chalk, our MD, told his story of having to lean over the landing whilst his wife holds onto his belt, we knew it was a campaign we should be involved in! We created the name GOODPOINT as we felt it was a great way of not only highlighting the product itself but also making the good point about testing alarms safely.  The new logo and website have been created, along with communication material and a social media campaign on Facebook and Twitter with a hashtag #goodpointcampaign.”

Robin Lyon-Smith, Director of Purple Company, said; “We are really pleased with the level of success that this has achieved, even at this early stage. Launched a couple of months ago, the campaign is proving so successful that multiple fire services have bought into the product as well as care agencies and private businesses, enabling us to take on a dedicated Sales Manager.”

Chalk & Ward’s Creative Director, Giles Ward, said; “We thoroughly believe in this product and were so impressed when we were introduced to it, that we purchased one for every member of staff as part of our corporate social responsibility. We hope this will inspire other firms to follow our example and help ensure the safety of their staff.”