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Our Favourite Ads of 2015


Advertising in 2015

2015 was a great year for advertising, with some fresh creative talent and heart-warming stories gracing our TV screens. We’ve taken a look at some of the biggest brands best efforts over the last 12 months and compiled a list of some of the year’s greatest Ads.

Johnnie Walker – Dear Brother

Luxury whisky brand Johnnie Walker commissioned two German film students to create an Ad which would capture the attention of its audience. Set among the desolate hills of Scotland, the Ad emphasises its proud Scottish heritage and commitment to remembering where it all started. The performance itself sees two brothers embark on a laughter-filled journey through the mountains, with an unexpected twist given to its purpose. A definite tear-jerker, but one which conveys the core messages of the brand perfectly.

Geico – Bad Timing

If you feel annoyed when your phone rings in a meeting or just before you fall asleep, spare a thought for this guy who’s about to fight for his life before getting a call from his mum. The action-packed Ad follows a guy on the run who manages to flee onto the roof of a building, before being cornered by a helicopter. Insurance provider Geico uses the annoying habits of mothers around the World to emphasise their ability to provide cheaper insurance. In their words, “It’s what they do”.

Sainsbury’s – Wagging Larry & The Bone Chasers

2015 definitely saw its fair share of animal Ads, with supermarket giant Sainsbury’s being no exception. Shortly after the release of ‘Mog the cat’ which rivalled John Lewis’ latest Christmas treat, their collaboration with agency Gravity Road was brought to light in the form of a furry, four-legged rock band. Lead singer Wagging Larry and his 3 companions perform their latest hit to an energetic audience, all whilst fashionably clothed in Christmas jumpers from Sainsbury’s clothing brand, Tu.

Android – Be Together, Not the Same

Since Android shifted their positioning to appeal to the uniqueness in its customer base, they’ve come out with a few creative Ads to support their tagline of ‘Be Together, Not the Same.’ Their latest offering is another notch on the furry chart, which highlights the ability of friendship to prevail, regardless of who you are. If you like cute, you’ll love this.

Kleenex – Unlikely Best Friends

Next in a long line of heart-wrenching adverts, Kleenex tells the story of an injured puppy who was ignored by many potential parents, until his unlikely adoption by a disabled wheelchair-user. The pair build an inspiring friendship which is fascinating to watch and shows how ‘broken’ dogs can become great companions. The Ad is part of a group of videos created for Kleenex’s ‘messages of care’ campaign which encourages users to share their own stories.

Fanpage – Slap Her

Online Italian magazine, Fanpage, debuted their latest video in January, which features an amateur social experiment around the topical issue of domestic violence. Three male children are stopped in public and asked a series of questions about themselves, before being asked to slap a girl they’ve never met. Their natural responses are eye-opening and manage to strip today’s morals back to their core to show that violence isn’t the answer.

Audi – RS3 Birth

In a tired World where nearly every car advert features a shiny new car driving through a pretty landscape, it’s refreshing to see German carmaker Audi explore the realms of video manipulation in their latest campaign. The new advert, which was launched in April, sees the 2014 Audi RS3 give mechanical birth to its smaller 2015 model. Special effects and animation feature heavily in Bartle Bogle Hegarty’s futuristic transformation.