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Great Ad Expectations


Coca Cola World Cup Campaign

With just a few weeks to go now until the 2014 World Cup, advertisers are gearing up to capitalise on the huge viewing figures of the big game and piggyback the event to promote their respective brands.

Hey Big Spender…

These sorts of events are big business for advertisers with ITV reportedly charging up to £300k for ad spots during England games. And with such massive brand exposure on offer and extortionate amounts of money being spent, we have come to expect quite a lot from the big names willing to spend out. There’s almost as much anticipation as waiting for the John Lewis Christmas ad!

As an official sponsor, Coca Cola has already kicked off (pun definitely intended) the proceedings with its largest marketing campaign in history. The campaign is themed around ‘One World, One Game’ and features a series of ads aimed at celebrating the unity of football.

Highly anticipated, hugely expensive and boasting a campaign soundtrack from singer-songwriter Aloe Blacc, the ads deliver exactly what they promise to do just as Coca Cola ads always seem to and leaves us feeling all warm and fuzzy and praying for world peace.

But the World Cup is just the tip of the iceberg for big-event TV advertising.

Shattering ITV’s £300k spot is the Super Bowl, America’s most watched TV programme yearly with an average audience of 111 million viewers. In 2014, a 30 second spot could allegedly cost an advertiser $4 million. No, seriously. $4 million!!

Was the ad content worth the cost? We’ve had a look at some other ads from past big-event TV campaigns to see how they fared;

Top big-event ad campaigns

The Force: Volkswagen Super Bowl Ad 2011

‘The Force’ ad for the new Volkswagen Passat ran during the Super Bowl XLV on February 6th 2011. The following day, the video had reached 15 million views on YouTube. With a running time of 1 minute, we dread to think what this one cost but who cares, it is brilliant!


The Hare and The Bear: John Lewis Christmas Ad 2013

Apparently, John Lewis paid £750,000 for the two-minute time slot during the X Factor. It might not have reached the same heights of critical acclaim as its previous festive offerings but in the week following the ad’s launch, John Lewis’s sales topped a modest £100m.


Write the Future: Nike World Cup Ad 2010

The Nike ad which features an abundance of football stars, hit a new record for YouTube views in 2010 achieving a cool 7.8 million in its first week. The three-minute long ad aired in 32 countries around the world simultaneously. Now that’s impressive! 


Puppy Love: Budweiser Super Bowl Ad 2014 

Following their hugely popular 2013 ‘Brotherhood’ campaign, without doubt the biggest Super Bowl ad of this year’s event was Budweiser’s ‘Puppy Love’. The cutesy theme is obviously a winner with the American viewing public and by early February this year had over 1.3 million shares.