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Hands up who loves a digital show?


Who doesn’t enjoy a good show? Particularly when it’s a digital show!

On 13th May, 3 members of our digital team headed off to the Big Smoke to attend the Mid-Term Digital Marketing show.

The world of digital is evolving and changing so quickly, it is vital to us to make sure we stay on top of the latest information and trends. Our team is constantly doing all we can to keep up to date so we can give our clients the latest information so when an opportunity to leave Devon and learn from the experts arises, we jump at the chance!

Held at the Institute of Education, the show saw big names from within the industry present demonstrations and give tips on all things digital.

To name a few, we were privileged to see Tom Malleschitz, the Director of Marketing at Three, Raja Saggi, head of B2B Marketing in UK and Ireland at Google, Director of Digital Marketing at Shutterstock, John Miller and Dan Spicer, Head of Community at Hootsuite.

A variety of topics were covered including Creating 5 star campaigns with digital at the heart, 5 easy steps to mobile success and image vs. video testing.

Microsoft technology.  Contana, remind me to...

Cedric Chambaz from Microsoft gave us a live demonstration on Cortana’s intelligent technology allowing us to see the personality behind the phone. He asked the phone ‘Who’s your daddy’ to which she replied, ‘technically speaking, Bill Gates, but no biggy!’
This produced a few giggles amongst the audience but most importantly, enabled us to see the difference between this and the perhaps better-known Siri from Apple. We can feel an office-based debate coming on… Apple or Windows?

We were then led on to a presentation from John Miller at Shutterstock who showed us a range of images, videos and cinemagraphs and told us how important testing was on the site. Animals vs. Humans, Humans vs. close up Humans, Cats vs. Dogs – we could go on but you get the point! His point was to ensure everything comes back to your audience; what do they want to see? What is going to draw them in? What do you need to change?

Laura Creamer, EMEA Relationship Manager of Silverpop, an IBM Company based her presentation on a story of Bob. Bob is the owner of a sandwich shop and gives superb customer service. He knows all of his customer’s names, favourite foods and what they like to chat about.  She explained how we all need to be more like Bob and give our customers the personalised service that they deserve. For example, do they feel special? Do they want to recommend you to friends? Will they keep coming back?! Once you have achieved this with your customers you will be, as the Americans call it… ‘Bobular’  – (a phrase which we’ve brought back to the office with us!)

Mobile, brand community, attribution, images vs. videos etc. The only constant is change and digital is ever changing that’s for sure. Let’s make sure we’re ahead of the competition.

Mid-term Digital Marketing Show. Hootsuite in action! Advocate Community