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Let Me Take a Selfie


Before we go diving right in, let’s begin with a definition of the selfie…

A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media

This means that occasional selfies are acceptable but posting a new picture of yourself every day isn’t necessary!!

But where did it all begin?

Robert Cornelius - first ever selfie


The first selfie ever taken, believe it or not, was in 1839 by Robert Cornelius. The process was very slow and he therefore had time to remove the lens cap, walk in front of the camera and then replace it to take the shot. This however did not start the craze that we see today.

It was in 2012 when the craze really kicked off and by 2013 the word selfie was so widely used that it made its way in to the Oxford English Dictionary! Since then the world has literally gone mad for selfies.

It seems that many celebrities, Kim Kardashian being at the top of the list, absolutely love taking pictures of themselves. Bathrooms, bizarrely, seem to be the preferred of all places (we wonder if that’s before or after they have used the loo) and millions and millions of followers seem to like these. Kim K took so many selfies that she made a book called Selfish showing her best shots – talk about Mrs Vain! She took things one step further by introducing the ‘Belfie’. That’s right, the bum selfie. Of course, this is now becoming the norm for people to take many bum snaps and post them on social media.

2014 The Year of Selfies, Belfie Craze Amber Rose Belfie Kelly Brooke Belfie

Better yet, celebrities are now coming together to take selfies… 

2014 Oscar selfie

This snap, taken at the 2014 Oscars became the most re-tweeted image ever!

It’s not only celebrities that love a selfie, many users of various social media platforms absolutely love taking a selfie and the more likes you can get, the better! Manufacturers have latched on to this and now you can get all types of selfie sticks to help take your photos at different angles and lengths. Good-bye awkward long arm shots!

Selfie Stick. T-Rex


And have you heard of the other fun types of selfies that are out there? We like to call these fun-sies…see what we did there? Danny DeVito gets our top prize for this for his Troll foot pictures. Everywhere he goes he will take a picture of his foot (instead of his face) and post it to twitter.

Troll foot selfie Jimmy Fallon - troll foot

And guess what, users absolutely love it!

So what happens when a selfie goes wrong? We explore some of the most embarrassing selfies where the person clearly didn’t check before posting!

Selfie gone wrong!

The caption of this image is “my girlfriend is always trying to sneak photos of me” …smooth!

Embarrassing selfie

Ahhh Photoshop, what a great invention… oh wait! She only did it on one side… AWKWARD!

Weird Belfie

And drum roll please for our winner ….We feel like this takes the top award, not only because it’s a Belfie but because she has taken it in the loo while her child, yes her child, is strapped to her – too far!

Thanks for reading and we hope you don’t take your selfie too seriously!

Chalk & Ward take no responsibility if you decide to now go and take a selfie/belfie after reading this article and would encourage you all to remember to be safe out there. Selfies can be dangerous things!

Dangerous selfie