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Chalk & Ward add new team members

The keen eyed among you will have noticed that Chalk & Ward have some new arrivals and what a bunch they are!

Following the last blog, you would have learnt the great news of the merger between Chalk & Ward and Attention Media, resulting in Chalk & Ward PR Ltd, but who are these PR Pros I hear you say?

Sarah Jepson





Firstly, we have Sarah; MD for Chalk & Ward PR Ltd.  She is always dressed to impress and we have yet to see her in a pair of flat shoes! Having successfully run her own PR-led marketing agency, she is a brilliant asset to the Chalk & Ward Family.

Natalie Vizard

Natalie is Sarah’s right hand man (woman). She has extensive knowledge within the field of Journalism and is now the Account Manager for Public Relations. Her passion is for helping businesses and charities and she recently organised a ‘dining in the dark’ experience for WESC Foundation. This allowed the public, as well as a few of our staff, to experience dining in complete darkness with their meals served to them by visually impaired members of the foundation. The feedback that she received was brilliant.

And we’ve also added to the Chalk & Ward Advertising team:

Holly Brereton

Holly – aka Holibobs – is our new Account Executive and with much persuasion we twisted her arm to allow us to use the photo above… clearly already loving her time here! She graduated with a Degree in Media Communications and her lecturer was so impressed that she has been invited to return as a guest speaker to talk to first year students about her Dissertation Thesis.

That’s enough of the serious talk, who’s up for a giggle? We will let you in on a few little secrets about our new members, but it is your job to decide which secret belongs to whom…

  • Brown, Blonde, Black, Purple, Red and Orange… Whose hair has been this many colours?!
  • One of these ladies has webbed toes… (Don’t confuse this with a webbed foot, like Kevin Costner from Water world)
  • Who did a History degree with a Visual Arts Degree? (No…we don’t know what Visual Arts is either)
  • One of these crazy lot used to have their tongue pierced…
  • One of these newbies flew and landed a plane at the age of 18 (A modern day Amelia Earhart you might say).
  • And lastly someone has performed in front of over 5,000 people at the Royal Albert Hall (we are impressed!)

Answers on a postcard please.