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Pinning Down Pinterest


Pinterest Welcomes Chalk & Ward

Chalk & Ward Advertising go behind the scenes with the fastest growing Social Media platform at their San Francisco Head Office.

April–Rose James, SEO and Social Media Manager at Chalk & Ward Advertising, recently had the exciting opportunity to visit the headquarters of the US social media platform Pinterest.  Based in central San Francisco, California, and currently home to 150 employees, Pinterest is a pin board style, photo sharing service which describes itself as a tool for collecting and organising photography of the things you love.

April-Rose is a little obsessed with Pinterest (on her personal account she has shared, liked and pinned over 1,300 pins – blimey!), and knows first-hand that tours are hard to come by, even the location of the offices are top secret.  Having contacted Pinterest in July 2013 asking to visit, she was told they were unable to accommodate this.  Not one to give up, April-Rose was visiting family in San Francisco in late 2013 and used the opportunity, her savvy networking skills and had a stroke of luck! She was offered a guided tour of Pinterest HQ as well as advice and lunch with some of the brands most dedicated employees.

Why is Pinterest so Successful?

Ready Steady Go at Pinterest

With extensive experience in a variety of Social Media Communications, SEO, PPC and Digital Copy-Writing, April-Rose was keen to speak all things digital with the Pinterest team and gain further insight into the brand itself and how it operates.  April-Rose asked one of the Brand Managers (who just happened to be one of the original team members of Facebook) what makes Pinterest stand out from the other platforms, especially Instagram and ultimately how they became so successful;

The brand prides itself on the values of positive communication and the creation of a positive shared space – the ethos of which is reliant on mutual respect, a certain pinning etiquette and a healthy approach to social dialogue and engagement.

Pinterest has examined the way in which its users interact with the service, noting they were more likely to ‘share’ and ‘like’ pins that have ‘nice’ comments and a good description – which is in keeping with the positive ethos of the brand which aims to discourage channels for abuse or disrespectful commentary.

The Pinterest platform is a more thoughtful, carefully considered social space than the more egocentric and immediate nature of platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and the result is a positive environment where interaction and engagement is driven by the mutual exploration of genuine shared interests and appealing visual stimuli.

 The Business of Pinterest Pinterest Decor

From her tour and conversations, April-Rose learned that used in the right way Pinterest can work for both individuals and businesses alike. Commenting;

Pinterest is all about building a community around what you do through insightful and engaging content and the way to do this is through mindful, intentional pinning – taking the time to consider your pins and the shared space in which you are pinning them; integrating businesses into this space without damaging user experience.

Pinterest has played an integral role in our Chalk & Ward social media services since its business accounts launch in November 2012.  We created and continue to create tailor made services based on individual business models rather than rolling out a ‘this is what we do/try this/do this’ standard offering. April-Rose’s visit highlighted that this is exactly what Pinterest recommends and we make sure all of our qualified staff can provide Pinterest approved services.

For example our client ‘Bradburys’ required a website overhaul and redesign so we ensured our strategy and implementation of their Pinterest business account reflected this. Understanding the direction they wanted to achieve was vital in order to offer guidance and advice throughout their transition into what was a very new and rather daunting move into social media.

It really is an exciting time for Pinterest and fundamentally for your business, whether you need a strategy, audit, creation of policy and guidelines, training, reputation management or implementation, we can achieve this to the highest standard. If you or your company isn’t using Pinterest, why not get in touch to find out more about how we can help kick start your user conversations.

 A Final Pin from April-Rose Pinterest San Francisco

Meeting with the Pinterest team has confirmed that I have been implementing similar strategy in my approach to digital campaigns for our clients at Chalk & Ward, and in the correct way. It’s a hugely important and effective tool when used in the right way, but as Pinterest states ‘please be kind and remember there are people on the other end of your comments.