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Robert and Barbara Complete 300 Mile Charity Cycle Ride


Robert and Barbara Complete 300 Mile Cycle Ride for The Educational Frontier Trust

London to Paris charity cycle ride – we did it!

Robert and Barbara Chalk have successfully managed their epic charity cycle ride from Big Ben to the Eiffel Tower, after three and a half days and 300 miles in the saddle. A small group of 23 cyclists, split into three teams by ability (and fitness levels, not to mention the size of one or two bellies!) all completed the trip without injury, although one of the team was knocked off his bike by a crazy Parisian driver. Robert and Barbara raised £2250 for charity.

Robert said “The first part of the charity cycle ride and longest day was from London to Dover, then a few miles at the other end to the hotel. We were in team 3, named the Rhinos for obvious reasons, as Barbara was unsure as to where she might fit in terms of fitness and travelling speed. That all changed when we were both elevated to the all-male fastest team for the rest of the trip and she coped superbly with the pace, despite it being somewhat faster and further than she was used to. I’m very proud of her and all without any moaning….well perhaps a little!!”

The second day of our cycle ride for charitywas from Calais to Abbeville, across beautiful French rolling countryside. There was a short stop for lunch in best online casino and superb restaurant. Nearly 4 hours later, we all staggered out and continued with the remaining 35 miles. To quote Barbara “hey, when in France…!”

Day 3 was to Beauvais via several reasonably steep hills and again through numerous beautiful villages, one of which had its village green invaded by 23 sweaty men and women in lycra (not a pretty site!), this time for a somewhat shorter but still lovely picnic lunch.

The final day, only 60 miles, was into Paris but this was unfortunately a different experience in many ways. Firstly the lovely sunshine of the first three days made way for torrential rain and really cold weather. “Cycling across many cobbled French roads whilst avoiding the insane Parisian drivers, meant we had to cycle slowly and very carefully. As we were totally drenched, keeping warm was difficult and by the time we entered the central area of Paris, some of the group were freezing cold” says Robert. “It was not a lot of fun, to be honest but we focused on the seriously under-privileged children we were doing it all for and managed to get to the finishing line…just!” ” The sun did come out just as we arrived at the Eiffel Tower, in time for the celebrations for completing the charity ride with a small tipple of Champagne.”

robert chalk completes charity cycle ride

Robert and Barbara Chalk complete 300 mile charity cycle ride

What Charity was the Cycle Ride in Aid of?

The charity is The Educational Frontier Trust, set up a few years ago to help a remote and poorly supported area of Kenya build a school and provide the children in the area with their first education. Some of the trustees also completed the ride and will be taking the money over personally to avoid the common problem of funds being depleted between the point of giving and the destination.