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Save the Great British Brand!



Easter was long enough ago now that we can start talking about chocolate again.

We knew you’d need a break; knew that you would have stuffed your face full and be sick of the sight and sound of it. But you’ve had nearly a month to recover from any chocolate-induced coma’s so here it is; A blog about chocolate.

What more could you want really? And yes, it does have some relevance to marketing, I promise. This isn’t just me indulging my passion for the sweet, brown stuff!

So let me actually get down to the crux of this blog.

Us Brits are quite precious about our heritage…

…and rightly so I’d say. We’ve got a lot to be proud of after all.

Amongst other things, we invented the telephone and the television, we conquered Everest and we ran a 4 minute mile all the way back in 1954!

We also take great pride in our food (although we all like a good old Chinese or Indian takeaway sometimes), so when someone decides to mess with a good old British brand like Cadbury, we’re not happy!

Since American company, Kraft Foods, bought out Cadbury in 2010, there is no doubt there has been change. At first it was only small things like rounding the corners on the Dairy Milk bar – a formula that has served Cadbury since 1905 – apparently a tactic to reduce the weight of the bar without reducing the price. This is known as ‘shrinkflation’.

(The Daily Mail also told us about the other sneaky companies shrinking our products but not shrinking the price which you can read about here)

Then came the axing of the chocolate coins.

Christmas might as well be cancelled then.

Finally (for now at least), the nail in the coffin; they changed our Creme Eggs. The little chocolate oval which is only available for a few months of the year is now made from ‘standard traditional Cadbury milk chocolate’ and not the delectable Dairy Milk chocolate we all covet.

Of course there has been public outcry and petitions campaigning to change the eggs back. The outcry, though, isn’t just for the Creme Eggs, but for all of the ways Kraft is messing with our chocolate!

Cadbury Brand change

It’s a wonder they can ignore the protests.

And if it wasn’t enough that they were taking over our chocolate, Kraft have just announced that they will be merging with Heinz. Let’s hope they don’t mess around with baked beans. After all, Beanz Means Kraft doesn’t quite work as well…

Cadburys brand change Facebook complaints

Image from Cadburys Facebook page.