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Spooky Ad Campaigns


October is host to Halloween and with All Hallows Eve as it is also known only a few weeks away, we have dusted off the website cobwebs and gone in search of brands that have created great Halloween themed or spooky ad campaigns. Heed our warning: those of a nervous disposition should hide behind the sofa now!*

*Chalk & Ward takes no responsibility for sleepless nights.





Online US estate agency Trulia had some serious fun with this haunted house scare-fest last year, although the unknowing participants who were secretly filmed and seen whimpering by thousands of people may have become quite embarrassed about their reactions to a falling book…

The company decided to add some hidden extras to the creaky old house they were selling, including a real-life zombie grandma which makes a sudden appearance from under the bed covers. The video was accompanied by various social media posts and their website added a fun mapping widget to locate any zombies or infestation zones near your house.


They also created a ‘Scare Report’ infographic, showcasing how many of us are brave enough to buy a home near a cemetery or would be put off by the house being haunted. According to their results, 7% of us would sell our soul for a pool and 4% for good local nightlife. Priorities.

The campaign was also highlighted in AdWeek! Click the following link to read more on the stunt and view the infographic in full: 

See the action as it unfolded below:







In 2013, Kellogg’s took advantage of our love of freebies and decided to give away it’s tasty treats to anyone who decided to use one of their vending machines.

However, hungry passers-by who were tempted into claiming the offer, found that all wasn’t as it appeared. The vending machines were inhabited by a mysterious creature who would grab the hands of anyone who tried to collect their treat.

rice krispies

You can see their reactions below:






Can advertising ever be taken too far? Some unlucky office workers who used the lift at work got an unexpected scare from LG on their descent through the building.

In 2012, LG stated their latest screens produced ‘lifelike colours’ so they decided to really put it to the test in their new scare-based campaign. The digital giant constructed a PR stunt for Halloween to market their new range of digital screens by convincing workers that the lift was falling apart from below their feet.


The video has racked up over 23 million views so far and you can watch it below:


The stunt was part of a larger campaign for their new ‘IPS’ monitors which the company was heavily investing into. LG definitely aren’t strangers to producing a viral video or two; earlier in 2012 they produced the ‘Smart Theif’ advert, which generated over 6 million views online.

The above ads are three clever campaigns that stood out for us, but there are of course hundreds of Halloween ads out there and below are a section of some of the others, either scary or funny, that caught our eye:

  • Snickers – Grocery Store Lady
    • This one is definitely more on the scary side!


  • LUX – Save Your Skin


    • Definitely scary!


  • Cravendale – Hint Of
    • Makes you wary of cows!


  • Guinness
  • Mini Cooper
  • Pepsi