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Standout Marketing Moments in 2015


Standout Marketing Moments in 2015

Looking back at 2015, it quickly becomes clear that a good deal of standout marketing moments are generated virally and through social media. If it’s not a photo of Kim Kardashian breaking the internet (or the new Kim Kardashian emoji’s – Kimoji’s), it’s the dress that divided the world because it changed colour.

We’ve picked out some of 2015’s standout moments and what effect the internet has had on them.

Protein World ‘Are you beach body ready?’

Standout maybe for the wrong reasons but this had to make the list. The Protein World ‘Are you beach body ready?’ ad came from nowhere.

The London Underground campaign proved pretty offensive to the general public with a 70,000 signatory petition calling for it to be banned but as a result of all the media attention and viral shares, they actually reported boosted sales!


Back in October, during an X Factor ad break, the nation stopped what it was doing for 30 seconds and became transfixed on the tv.

Why? Teasing us with a snippet of her first single for 3 years, Adele was back with Hello. The single kicked off the sales of her huge, record-breaking  Album, 25.

The 30 second teaser showed only lyrics from the song and didn’t feature Adele’s face once. Despite that, her voice was so well recognised that within minutes of the 30 second release, Twitter went into absolute meltdown.

October 21st 2015.

Hover boards, flying cars and self-tying shoes – the year we should have it all. The year Marty McFly travelled to in Back to the Future II.

Well two out of three aint bad! We sort of have Hoverboards (although they have wheels and keep exploding) and Nike presented Michael J. Fox with a pair of self-tying shoes to mark the anniversary of the film. We’re still awaiting the flying cars though…

The internet went crazy over Back to the Future Day and marketers jumped straight onto the DeLorean bandwagon.

Here are just a few:

Ikea Hoverboard

 IKEA’s ad was so straightforward, it was brilliant and totally on brand.


Pepsi Perfect – The Future is Now!

Pepsi capitalised on its product placement in the film and released an ad premiering Pepsi Perfect complete with how the future Pepsi logo might have been imagined.

Pepsi Perfect

Pepsi Perfect feature in the BTTF2 Film.

Pepsi Perfect

Even the UK’s Police Forces couldn’t help themselves!

Back to the future

So with 2015’s standout marketing moments under our belts, we’ll be interested to see what 2016 has to bring us and what goes viral.

Oh, and what colour do you see it?

What colour is the dress?