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Taan Worldwide; Bringing Advertising Agencies Together.


Taan Worldwide and Chalk & Ward Advertising

On Thursday 27th March 2014, our Managing Director, Robert Chalk flew to sunny Barcelona to present to Taan Worldwide.

Established in 1936, Taan are a network of advertising and communication agencies committed to bringing the very best of the industry together.

Taan operates as a fantastic multi-national network for advertising agencies to delve into and collaborate with, enabling the creation of intelligent, cost-effective, global marketing and advertising campaigns.

Taan pick one representative from each country to join the network, currently working in 32 countries and 67 cities worldwide. We were delighted to be asked to run for the lucrative position and there were many stages leading to Robert’s visit, it wasn’t the ‘mad men’ wining and dining some people might expect! Robert was asked to deliver a presentation on us as a company, and what we could bring to the network. Rather than run through our work; Robert chose to present the staff of Chalk & Ward advertising – every member of our team is carefully chosen, from quality of work to personality.  Clients invest in the people of Chalk & Ward when choosing us as an agency and we truly value that. Good staff ensures quality work and most importantly work that delivers!

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Being part of Taan is incredibly important to us and extremely rewarding. We know we can deliver global advertising and this cements us as a real international advertising force.

Speaking of his experience with Taan, Robert says;

I was pleasantly surprised how welcoming and down-to-earth all the company MDs, Presidents and CEOs were. The approval procedure for acceptance into Taan was exceptionally tough and it was quickly clear this strict process is focused on picking agencies that fit a certain mould in terms of both culture and abilities. This is great for Chalk & Ward, as we can feel really confident that our international clients will get a high quality service from each and every member agency, whichever country they are based in.