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The Hunt for 500 Donkeys


Buckfast Abbey Donkeys

This month, the PR team at Chalk & Ward visited the Educational Department of Buckfast Abbey to lend a hand in their Global search for plush toy donkeys. Efforts to raise donkey numbers have gone exceptionally well so far, with the Education team currently being the proud owners of over 500 of the small toys. However, the search continues with 400 more donkeys needed to meet the demands of over 900 children which will be coming to visit the Abbey during the Easter holidays.

The latest educational programme run by the Abbey is designed to improve the knowledge of younger children as to why Easter exists. The donkeys will help to recreate the story of ‘Solomon’ who carried Jesus towards the city of Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.

Anna Harris, the Assistant Education Officer and pioneer of the new Easter programme stated:

‘The Easter story can be a difficult one to teach to younger children, so Solomon’s story seemed like a lovely way to introduce the children to the story of Easter in an enjoyable way. We’re all really looking forward to welcoming the students to Buckfast Abbey to hear Solomon’s story and meet their new cuddly donkeys’.

Buckfast Abbey is no stranger to hosting Easter workshops, with the ‘Threads of Easter’ programme reigning as one of the most popular within the last few years.

The PR activity around the latest Easter programme has also been a major success, with front page coverage in publications such as the Totnes Times, the Herald Express and the Plymouth Herald.

If you have any spare donkeys to donate or want to find out any more about the programmes available at the Abbey, visit or call 01364 645517.