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Winning medals in the business world


C&W in the business world

Every 4 years we have the world famous Olympic Games, which brings nations together from all over the globe with total unity. Competing at the highest level in sport takes tenacity and most importantly dedication to a chosen specialism. Having recently started working at Chalk & Ward as an intern, it got me thinking that the work ethic that an elite athlete values is not dissimilar to those of an advertising executive. OK, there are maybe a few physical differences but the mindset is 100% of the same single-mindedness and passion.

Hard Work: Becoming a specialist takes dedication, practice and experience.  Mental toughness in professional sport can separate who will win and who will lose. An Olympic Cyclist is dedicated to training specific muscle groups in order to compete no matter the gradient, just as an agency is formed by highly trained people who have become the best they can be through hard work.  This gives us all the ability to constantly climb and reach new heights.

Team Work: Experts from different areas form an effective team. Just like the Olympic Gymnastics team who all have specialisms on different apparatus, an integrated agency like ours pulls together branding, design, digital and PR to work tougher and deliver a team result.  And of course we all enjoy a team celebration of fizz!

Results: When a team comes together to produce something inspirational, it’s all dependent on how effectively the team works together. The hard work that takes place in order to get a client on board is the translated definition. When Chalk & Ward won the Cafe Royal account to manage the trade and consumer launches of their coffee products into the UK, it was the result of weeks of early meetings, late nights and countless brainstorms. Game, Set, and Match!

Inspire: Billie Jean King tells us, “the mark of a champion is the ability to win when things are not quite right—when you’re not playing well and your emotions are not the right ones”. When the match is on the line, agencies that adopt this mindset of getting around the potential problems are three times tougher and can reach endless business possibilities.

An agency works alongside many different industries, therefore being equipped with a diverse range of skills and a broad depth of experience. It is this experience that benefits both existing and future clients. By constantly challenging ourselves and those around us we can stay ahead of the competition and get results; a (dope free) formula that wins Gold.

At the end of the day, business is a team sport, and the mental skills needed are just like that of any athlete competing in a race. There are times when you win and times when it’s down to a near miss. Nevertheless it’s always a collaborated effort because behind every superstar of talent, stands his or her team.

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