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Abby Millar; Proving Internships Benefit Business


Abby Millar proves providing Internships can help grow business

Yesterday was a sad day here in the Chalk & Ward Advertising office, we don’t have many. Our lovely and supremely talented Account Executive Intern, Abby Millar, headed back to University to complete her final year at Bournemouth (not before visiting Croatia and Bali – lucky thing!) following what was supposed to be a 3 month internship.

We extended her internship to 13 months and we are so pleased that we did! The time Abby worked with us was full of great moments; modelling for Mole Valley Farmers & Careers South West, working on Social Media strategies, networking, arranging lunch time team bonding, getting stuck in with POS, handling projects from start to finish and so much more.

But it’s not just about impressing us as an agency, Abby’s client facing role has allowed her to make an impression with our clients also:

Abby is doing a fantastic job, I’m really impressed. She’s very professional and fully in control of the whole job, I feel very well cared forMole Valley Farmers

We have been working together with Abby for over 10 months and she has consistently provided a prompt and professional service, furthermore we appreciate how friendly and approachable Abby is when dealing with our enquiriesScomis

High praise indeed.

What are the Benefits of an Internship?

Abby Millar proves Internships can work for businesses

Finding new, raw talent can be a frustrating process, but using internships not only gives an opportunity for young people to trial the industry of interest to them, but they are also a fantastic way of seeing what the future of our industries may look like. Additionally, it’s a great chance for businesses to add bright, fresh, young heads to the team.

Abby has had a huge impact on all of us here at Chalk & Ward Advertising and has proven that hard work and talent, coupled with an enthusiasm to learn, pays off. Abby will leave a great legacy behind her, and all at the age of 22.


Do join us in saying an enormous well done and best of luck to our star intern!