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Content Marketing & Google Penguin 2.0


Google Penguin 2.0 update

Google recently made a change to how they deem relevancy of a website to a user’s search query, it made SEO’s all over the world a little bit nervous. Every time Google makes an algorithmic change of this nature it can mean a total rethink of SEO implementation and best practice. What was perfectly acceptable last year (white hat SEO) could be considered bad practice (black hat SEO) the next.

So what about Google Penguin 2.0?

Content continues to be vital to SEO, content relevancy and the offer of necessary information to the user based on what they are searching for is critically important to how and where a search engine, not just Google, places you in front of the end user.

  1. Duplicate content is a huge no, no. Think about when you go to a website; do you read something if it’s a replica of what is on another page? Do you read information that is long winded and takes a while for you to gather the information you need? Probably not. So when creating content whether it’s us copy writing on your behalf or someone within your company, make sure you think of this in order to create, fresh, informative, RELEVANT content.
  2. Keywords are going to be harder to track; Google’s privacy settings and the public’s increasing knowledge of them will mean Google will only provide keyword information from those who haven’t set their privacy levels. What does this mean for SEO and your website? It’s time to broaden your scope; you have to get into the mind set of your user, what do they want, what do you offer and most importantly how do they find you? It’s a difficult task and can change frequently due to what’s happening in their community, finances, wider influences and changes within your industry. The key is to future proof your efforts by becoming proactive rather than reactive to these influences as well as directing your focus on the end user.  Both generic and specific keywords are necessary in creating a worthy SEO strategy, allow your SEO to improve content and website based on low, medium and high competition keywords – just because 5,000 people per month search for a particular keyword does not mean it is relevant to you or will create conversions.

Research, Testing and Analysis are the keys to a successful SEO campaign.


SEO, Google and You

Google Penguin 2.0 Summary:

For many SEO’s Google’s Penguin 2.0 update made minimal impact to a sites organic listing. Fluctuation in search engine visibility is always expected but greater fluctuation is anticipated to continue into September 2013. Expect to see dips and increase in traffic on an almost daily basis over the coming months, do not panic, instead employ a long and short term SEO strategy and remember be proactive. Not reactive.

We will continue to keep you posted with any updates in the roll out of Google Penguin 2.0 over our coming newsletters. Watch this space.

Remember: Content is any written text or image placed on your website, from Blogs, product descriptions to a photo gallery.