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Fun In Store: How physical retailers need creative store design


Creative Instore Design

Online shopping has changed the face of retailing irrevocably. Physical retailers – shops of bricks and mortar – need to change their game or risk adding to the statistics of boarded up units spreading through the towns and cities of the country.

Why, in simple terms, should any one of us buy a product from a shop if they can have it delivered directly to them? Especially if it’s cheaper and easier to do so.

Retailers need to offer customers more than just beans or books on their shelves. They need to give their customers an experience.

An engaging customer experience starts with a store’s creative signage, layout and design: Is it for you? Do you feel welcome? Can you find the product you want? Can you get the advice you need? In short, was it worth getting in your car to visit?

Hollister Creative Instore Design

Clever retail brands really understand the value of skillful retail design and merchandising. Through extensive customer research they make sure they know their audience. Apple has created stylish, futuristic, designer-friendly chrome and glass hubs. American clothes retailer Hollister has gone one step further to create dimly lit, beat-heavy environments to repel the parents of the teenagers it seeks to attract. Targeted, creative retail design at its very best.

Creative Store Design – It’s What We Do!

At Chalk & Ward Advertising we employ a team of retail design specialists who understand the emotional design triggers that resonate with a retailer’s customers. For over 10 years we have worked with Mole Valley Farmers’ family of companies to deliver impactful retail design solutions for their range of nationwide country stores.

Through extensive customer research, footfall mapping, target audience analysis and design research we have developed store signage and retail designs that engage with the customer. In the Midlands and North East we have recently helped launched a fresh new brand, Mole Country Stores, a flagship range of country retailers. High on the agenda from the beginning was to deliver visually arresting, easy to shop, emotionally engaging environments that deliver customers not just products on shelves, but products presented in a way that offers a fantastic destination shopping experience thanks to clear store signage, clear product guidance and appealing merchandising.

Extensive customer research, target audience analysis and incisive creative retail design and store signage has helped lead to the rapid growth of Mole Valley Farmers’ retail offering nationwide.

Giles Ward – Creative Director