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Mobile Friendly Websites


Mobile Friendly Websites

With industry experts predicting mobile (tablet & smartphone) devices will overtake desktops and laptop computers as the dominant internet platform within the next 18 months, the time is now to be future ready by making your website mobile friendly.

Your current site may look great on a desktop but if a user has to continuously pinch and zoom to navigate and read content on a mobile, the user experience can be frustrating. When was the last time you had a negative user experience on a website and yet you still purchased something from that website or carried out business with them?

There are several differences between a ‘traditional’ desktop and mobile focused website for example:

  • Navigation must be easy to thumb scroll
  • Big call to action buttons, rather than just little content links
  • No need to pinch and zoom the content into focus – it happens automatically
  • Images are scaled depending on the size of your screen
Is your website prepared for the mobile take over?

Mobile set to overtake laptops and desktop computers. Areyou ready?

Do I need a new website or just mobile website?

Google recommends that websites should be responsively built; this means 1 website across all devices so the message is the same and it is the same URLs etc. Whereas other experts recommend 1 desktop website and 1 mobile website (and in some cases 3 – desktop, mobile & tablet websites). Whatever the choice, a mobile friendly website is essential in this era of fast technology on the go, if you want to remain competitive.

At Chalk & Ward Advertising we can build standalone mobile website or responsive design websites. However the choice is dependent on what you need your mobile offering to do or how it will differ from your desktop website.
Our standalone and responsive design website are built with all the latest trends and best practice but are also being designed with our own unique design approach.

For more information on how we can improve your mobile offering to your prospective clients, talk to one of our Digital Team.