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Pinterest – The Perfect Social Media Platform for your Business?


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Chalk & Ward Advertising love Social Media, we enjoy using it to share ideas, industry news, as a tool to educate ourselves in the latest trends and see what is popular with consumers. Favourite ads both TV and online is a big hit for both our followers and the team!

Pinterest, the Social Media Platform with a Difference.

‘Pinterest is a Social Media platform for collecting and organizing things you love’- you can use it to make pinboards of things you like, create new work or home projects or simply use it for inspiration. Pinboards can be shared (by ‘repinning’) and you can create your very own profile and as many pinboards as you like! Social Media Platform Pinterest and your Business

We see more businesses using it to share their work, ideas and use it as a research tool to discover what their target audience is interested in. Pin images and be added to feeds by following users… a great way to get noticed and encourage interaction – you can leave comments which will help build your voice on the platform.

Marie Lawley, a Junior Designer in our team, has found her Social Media niche in Pinterest and regularly updates our board. Pinning creative we like, inspiraton creative ‘design envy’ board and much more.

We’ve discovered a brilliant infographic that details all the ’10 Commandments’ of using Pinterest for businesses, view it here:

Why not view our pins here:  and let us know what you think!