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Although there is now a perception that social media is making us less social, it is at least allowing us to interact with the world on a wider basis. Who’d have thought 10 years ago we’d be able to tweet the Queen? Mind you, 10 years ago we didn’t even know what that meant…

Social media has given us the ability to speak to people that we perhaps wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach and more and more we are seeing how brands are using social media to interact directly with their consumers.

Communicating with a brand via social media is an easy way for us as consumers to get ourselves heard, whether that means a niggling complaint or praise for a product. A response directly from the company in question makes it less of a faceless organisation and it becomes much more personal.

At the world’s biggest awards show for the creative communications industry, Cannes Lions, Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel made an interesting comment on how companies interact with their consumers; ‘It’s weird when brands act like your friend, they need to be friendly, but not a buddy’ he told Joanna Coles, editor-in-chief at Cosmopolitan. (Read the full story here)

Recently, we’ve witnessed various social media wins and fails when it comes to how brands are interacting with their consumers so here’s our rundown of the companies who’ve nailed it and some who haven’t, just for laughs!

The truth is out! – Bodyform

Bodyform’s reaction to a Facebook post from disgruntled boyfriend Richard Neill went viral last year when he complained about the brand’s misleading advertising. Bodyform responded with a YouTube video in which company CEO Caroline Williams (actually played by an actress) spoke directly to Richard apologising for their misleading TV ads. The truth may have hurt for Richard but the well-executed response certainly did nothing to hurt the Bodyform brand!

Socially acceptable - Bodyform

Something fishy is going on – Sainsbury’s

Following a tweet from a customer to Sainsbury’s about some issues he’d had with battered fish in his local store, the supermarket giant came back with a pun-induced response of their own. This sparked an all-out ‘pun-off’ between Sainsbury’s and the customer. The exchange was picked up by the media and the mystery tweeter for the Sainsbury’s account was praised for great customer engagement.

Socially Acceptable

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Read the whole fishy tale here

Tesco have a ‘mare with their burgers…

We couldn’t ignore this one – the horsemeat scandal made national news back in 2013 and Tesco had a lot to answer for. While battling to ‘rein’ in the situation in real life, they forgot to stop a pre-scheduled tweet from going out…oops!

Socially Acceptable


Urine Luck! – Handmade Burger Co.

Here’s a great gesture from the Handmade Burger Co. after a rather unfortunate event at their Aberdeen restaurant. Following a delicious meal at the establishment, diner Gordie Wallace was left red-faced when he emerged from the toilet at the end of the evening. The poor Scot popped to the toilet before he left the restaurant when a misplaced automatic hand dryer left him with a soggy trainer mid-visit (I’m sure I don’t need to go into details but if you want to read it in more detail, the full story is here). Gordie posted his story on the company’s Facebook page to which they responded brilliantly after the post was liked an incredible 25,000 times. Rather than offering him a free meal, they offered him a free pair of trainers and a supply of socks every single month for a year!

Socially Acceptable

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