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Marketing Integration Is Key But Without Customer Service, What’s The Point?


Customer is King and Integrated Marketing is the Future

Let’s face it; we want to take every customer up the loyalty ladder; from Suspect to Advocate. It is only by using marketing integration to reach the correct audience at the right time, through on and offline tools, and nurturing those leads, can we then achieve such a victory.

Customers are informed, expect value and are in control- it is less about push and more about pull. Consumers expect brands to meet them wherever they are, so brands need to control and refine their communications and be seamless in their delivery.

Marketing Integration & You

Technology has been a catalyst for so much of this change today, multi-channel consumers can be more profitable and businesses need to create harmony between the channels utilised.  Investing in more tools is crucial, whether it’s equipment, resources, staff or strategic agency expertise.  Once these building blocks are in place, it is about customer retention and relationship building, making customer service paramount.  There is no point in creating enquiries, driving traffic to a website and building brand awareness, if an organisation isn’t ready to deliver on its promise.

The old saying; “Don’t ever promise more than you can deliver, but always deliver more than you promise” never fails to resonate.

Marketing Integration for your business

Effective delivery of the above will benefit your company in a number of ways:

  •  Enhance reputation
  •  Increase sales
  •  Create positive mentions and feedback
  •  Increase brand awareness
  •  Increase market share

If budget is limited, put your heart into what you’re good at. Focus on existing customers and retaining them, specifically customers that provide you with the most profit.  Anyone soaking up a lot of your time but doesn’t draw in a profit, may not be the right target.

Of course it’s never the same multi-channel solution for each brand and advertisers need to be smarter than before.  Organisations need to think about the purchase cycle and then penetrate these touch points where possible. If you do not have happy customers, then your efforts and budget has been wasted.

Marketing Integration & The Future:

Customer is King - The Importance of Marketing Integration

Times are changing, online word of mouth (WOM) is starting to take the lead over real-life WOM, as brands prefer to focus on social media because it is immediate, convenient, inexpensive, less intrusive and easier to measure.  All of this must be considered if a brand is to maintain a competitive edge.

More than 100 years on, the “customer is still king”, we must remember that they hold the power and we must always deliver on our promises.

Kate Furnifer, Senior Account Manager.