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The Ultimate Top 6 Catverts of 2013/2014.


cats in advertising

Cats and Advertising go hand in hand, or should I say hand in paw? Cravendale’s ‘cats with thumbs’ was a huge commercial success with nearly 8 million views on YouTube in the 3 years since its release and as brands continue to feed on the nation’s love of animals and specifically cats, 2014 looks set to continue the trend.

But who’s got it right?

Make yourself a cuppa, take a seat and watch as we reveal the Ultimate Top 6 Cat Ads 0f 2013/2014

6. Dear Kitten – Friskies 2014

This ad takes us back to watching the Homeward Bound film. The adult cat teaching the kitten the ways of the world is reminiscent of Shadow taking Chance under his wing/paw. Never seen it? Well go and watch it so you know what we’re talking about…
A very sweet concept with some added laughs, Friskies have nailed it with this one.

5. Running with Cats – 2013.


Comparethemarket have the cute factor nailed with their meerkats ad (they’ve added a baby meerkat, genius!) but that didn’t stop moneysupermarket adding something cute by way of feline friends into this 2013 offering. Add to that a catchy uplifting song, handsome actor and hey presto.

The key to the success of Moneysupermarket  television ads is that the brand know where to draw the line with their humour. They know how far they can mock themselves, their audience and their competitors, it’s one of their key strengths and it continues to keep them ‘so moneysupermarket’.

 4. #bemoredog – O2 2013.


When the team here first watched the #bemoredog ad, we scratched our heads. Questions were asked. What was happening? What was the point of it all and of course the age old question of ‘are you a dog or a cat person?’ – Pandemonium. The ad itself is slick in its post-production cleanliness, the cat is adorable and there is a call to action, even if on first viewing you’re not quite sure what that is (which in part will have something to do with the fact that they didn’t play the full ad for the first week, but merely teased us like cat and mouse). However you do want to see it again, and the more you do the more you understand what O2 is asking of you. ‘Hey guys, we have some cool new products come and buy them. We know you love your current phone/tablet but trust us there is more out there and we can give it to you’.

3. #catandbudgie – Freeview 2014.


Apparently cats like to sing, particularly in a duet, so Freeview team a cat with a budgie for this heart-warming tale. The ad isn’t as polished as some of its counterparts (see our number one and you’ll see why), the song choice doesn’t stick in your head as much as I’m sure Freeview would like but it still puts a smile on our face, as does knowing Freeview has 95% of UK’s entertainment channels.

2. Feels Good Inside – Toyota Corolla 2013.


We know Toyota have an advertising budget bigger than a planet so you expect them to produce a brilliant ad but we were still shocked at how comical, carefully crafted and beautifully finished this ‘Feels Good Inside’ ad is. There is the standard driving and panning shots but this wasn’t your usual car ad. Windy roads are a minimum and the actors aren’t perfectly polished models – perhaps this car is an affordable luxury? But not in orange. No that just won’t do.

1. #singitkitty – Three. 2014.


Three have always been a network that, at least in my opinion, sit in the background. If they were in high school they’d be the one picked last in sports, the one never asked to dance at the school disco, and so on. You’re sure they are decent enough but you don’t actually know anyone on the network and you don’t want to be the one to take a risk, after all 24 months is a long time if you get rubbish signal.

Their previous pony ad spiked an interest but with this ad they have certainly gained our attention, could their clever creativity, adorable cat and love of all things 80’s bring them out of the shadows and into the Vodafone, O2, EE spotlight?

Watch Stacy Hill – PR & Events Account Manager, Chloe Harvey – Jnr Account Manager and myself, April-Rose James – SEO & Social Media Manager, build a city on rock and roll below: