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Version Control – The Importance in Digital Development


git and the importnace of version control

In the digital department of Chalk & Ward Advertising, we are constantly changing. Change will always be a part of the digital development world. New technologies come along all the time, and new ideas and practices make digital development faster and more efficient.

We have recently ventured into the depths of Version Control, a change that has become a necessity as the digital department has expanded. More people are now working on the development of the websites we build.

Version Control has been a large part of software development for a long time; it enables developers to work concurrently on a project, not having to worry about their work being lost or overwritten by another developer who may be working on the same part of the project.

For a little while now I have been working towards the creation of a system that will be used to manage the process of building and deploying websites. I had no previous experience of using a version control system, so I had a lot to learn about how to use one, along with the new terminologies and processes. After discussion with the digital team, it was decided that GIT would be the most appropriate Version Control system for us to use. It would allow us to have individual copies of the website that we could develop with and test separately. When we had completed some work, we could share it with others working on the same website, combining everyone’s work into a deliverable stage of the finished site.

We have now been using Version Control systems for a few websites.  It has been a turbulent change that has introduced a fundamental shift in the way we approach and create websites. It has meant some big changes both in the way we work as individuals, and how we work together. We are still learning about the best ways we can use the system, applying it in the most effective way for our purposes.

There have been many hurdles that we have had to tackle to get a system and process up and running in our development team. As the system continues to change and adapt to our new processes and methodologies, there will be many more hurdles for us to face and find solutions for.