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Warm Weather brings out the Best of the South West


Getting to know Chalk & Ward Advertising

Here at Chalk & Ward Advertising we love a bit of warm weather. It tempts us and many of our clients in the South West, out on to our office balcony in Southernhay, especially on a Friday with some wine. It’s become a regular monthly occurrence a chance to enjoy the sunshine, talk business and pleasure and if nothing else to reflect on what has been and focus on what is next. Networking has never been so pleasurable.

Most recently our first July networking and wine evening has allowed me to reflect on what a successful year it has been for us, especially with our 15 year anniversary coming up in September (stay tuned to the blog for more on this shortly). Nothing has reinforced this more than the recent publishing of the Bishop Fleming Western Morning News’ Annual Business Guide of the top 150 companies in the South West. It makes for impressive reading, not only in terms of the health of the South West’s economy, but personally to see so many companies Chalk & Ward Advertising have helped nourish and grow.

What we do.

With three companies, Centrax Industries, Mole Valley Farmers and Vospers of Plymouth coming well within the top 20, it is of great satisfaction and pride that we can claim a part in their success.

South West Networking

Often clients question the value of marketing and PR, but if we needed more evidence in proving the value of what we do, we can refer them not only to the Bishop Fleming Western Morning News’ Annual Business Guide but show them the detail of the work that we do.

The disciplines employed across the marketing mix have reminded me of how the set up has improved within our own digital department:

Search Engine Optimisation campaigns for Centrax Industries across the UK, Germany and Russia increased attention to their website. Attention to detail has led to forthcoming developments within their websites which will see Centrax becoming more of a leader in the Gas turbine market.

Vospers winning the Best Automotive Website Award for 2012 is also a great calling card for our web development team which has caused an increase in demand for our work, more recently including our mobile responsive design offering.

Mole Valley Farmers’ success has reinforced the value we provide in strategic marketing within the retail market and their growth over the last 7 years is testament to our Client Services and Design teams’ hard work.

After some time wrestling through the recession we are seeing companies open up to the value we can provide in growing their businesses. The diverse nature of these companies and the clients we currently work for highlights our experience working successfully within various industries. Looking forward; we are working on projects with defence contractors, beauty brands and educational suppliers, this is not only fantastic for Chalk & Ward Advertising of course, but it’s great for the South West too.

What is better though is to see that those who invested in marketing through the economic downturn have ultimately come out on top. Now that really is another reason to raise one more glass of wine in the sun!

Seb Monks – Senior Digital Strategist

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