Sound…Are You Thinking About It Enough?


On Thursday 5th November, a couple of the account management team here at Chalk & Ward headed up to Bristol to attend the RadioWorks open day. Greeted with tea, coffee and croissants (which went down a treat!) at the Arnolfini centre in Bristol, the event consisted of 3 speakers (with an extra appearance from Downsy […]

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Bags of Branding

Bags of Branding


This week on Monday 5th October 2015, the English high street was changed forever.  You may think I’m over-exaggerating…well maybe I am a bit but not a lot.  If you haven’t guessed yet what I’m talking about, it’s the introduction of a 5p charge for plastic bags (and by the way, Wales, Scotland and Northern […]

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Spooky Ad Campaigns


October is host to Halloween and with All Hallows Eve as it is also known only a few weeks away, we have dusted off the website cobwebs and gone in search of brands that have created great Halloween themed or spooky ad campaigns. Heed our warning: those of a nervous disposition should hide behind the […]

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Q&A With Robert & Giles – Chalk & Ward Directors


Established in 1998, Chalk & Ward Advertising has grown into the largest independent full service agency in the South West. Now in our 17th year, we took the opportunity to speak with founders and directors, Robert Chalk and Giles Ward about Chalk & Ward and the current state of advertising and marketing. As directors, who […]

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Marketing internationally with taan

The many risks of marketing internationally


With the ever increasing ease of trading abroad via the internet, the potential to make grave mistakes has risen dramatically. The age old pitfalls of language, culture and stereotyping are now compounded further by the risks of incorrect website copy, Google Translate’s suspect translations and social media fall-out from disgruntled customers. Firms have always made […]

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Chalk & Ward Services

Why Chalk & Ward


With a number of new digital, creative and specialist agencies emerging within Devon and the wider areas, we took the time to answer a question that we’re increasingly asked by prospective clients – why Chalk & Ward? If you’ve had a look at our site, the answer hopefully becomes clear. We have and continue to […]

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An A-Z of Social Media Terms


As much as social media platforms are designed to provide interactions between friends and family, they are becoming an increasingly important tool for businesses to be found and communicate with both the public and their customers. Social media allows for increased creativity throughout every communicable aspect of branding and marketing messages, not forgetting the potential […]

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