Taan Worldwide and Chalk & Ward Advertising

Taan Worldwide; Bringing Advertising Agencies Together.


On Thursday 27th March 2014, our Managing Director, Robert Chalk flew to sunny Barcelona to present to Taan Worldwide. Established in 1936, Taan are a network of advertising and communication agencies committed to bringing the very best of the industry together. Taan operates as a fantastic multi-national network for advertising agencies to delve into and […]

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Impossible, the social network that keeps giving

Introducing a Social Network: ‘Impossible’


‘Impossible’ is a social community encouraging others to give and receive gifts for free. Founded two years ago by model, actress and environmentalist Lily Cole, the idea draws on our history as close-knit communities that help, share and support others without necessarily receiving anything in return. The platform has been slow to take off; it […]

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Pinterest Welcomes Chalk & Ward

Pinning Down Pinterest


Chalk & Ward Advertising go behind the scenes with the fastest growing Social Media platform at their San Francisco Head Office. April–Rose James, SEO and Social Media Manager at Chalk & Ward Advertising, recently had the exciting opportunity to visit the headquarters of the US social media platform Pinterest.  Based in central San Francisco, California, […]

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Dominating Advertising Trends

‘The Power of Love’ A Relationship Between Music & Advertising Trends


Music has played a vital role in revitalising brands through the last decade and well into 2013. It has launched careers, made big profits and changed the way we view a brand, it’s likely that when you hear a song you associate it with more than just a memory but also a product or advertisement. […]

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