Chalk Ward Recipe for Success

Chalk & Ward Advertising’s 12 Month Summary


Advertising has its critics and on occasions makes a rod for its own back but it is interesting and gratifying to observe the latest of Christmas trends – the discussions around retailers’ Christmas commercials! Whether or not the trend really kicked off two years ago or not, with the heart-string puller from John Lewis (the […]

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Dual Screening: Smart Shopping

The Changing Role of TV and its Effects on Purchasing Power


See it on your TV? Buy it Straight Away? Oh Go on Then! So, you’re watching your favourite celeb on TV and they appear on your screen wearing this season’s biggest trend setting outfit – what do you do? a)    Totally ignore it b)   Take note that it’s a really great outfit and do nothing […]

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Heard at the Bar

Getting Heard at the Bar – Brand Clarity & Consumer Connection


It’s All About the Brand Real Ale is undoubtedly going through a renaissance. Even with the beer industry in decline CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) has reported recruiting its 150,000th member and adults trying Real Ale has risen from 34% to 53% in the last 3 years. However, in a growing market with over 1,000 […]

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git and the importnace of version control

Version Control – The Importance in Digital Development


In the digital department of Chalk & Ward Advertising, we are constantly changing. Change will always be a part of the digital development world. New technologies come along all the time, and new ideas and practices make digital development faster and more efficient. We have recently ventured into the depths of Version Control, a change […]

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User Experience & your Business

The Role of User Experience in Website Design


If you’ve ever been involved in a website project you may have come across the term User Experience. But what exactly is User Experience and why is it becoming so crucial in the modern digital landscape? In its simplest form, User Experience or UX is about making your website or app usable and ensuring the […]

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Brand Experience, not just a fad

Seeing is no longer believing; brands are now believed when they are ‘experienced’


A brand can be viewed and implemented from many different perspectives. One traditional assumption is that a brand is just a logo and identifier, namely seeing the brand, whilst others now see a brand as a rich source of cognitive, affective and sensory associations created through various forms of communication, namely experiences. Here at Chalk […]

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Exeter Chiefs v Cardiff Blues

Making our mark in the Heineken Cup


Before you read any further, this is not an announcement that Chalk & Ward are upping sticks, moving the goalposts and kicking into touch the advertising part of our business and becoming a professional rugby team! At a recent rugby match/demolition, Exeter Chiefs 44-29 Cardiff Blues, in which Robert Chalk & Stacy Hill were ‘treating’ […]

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