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SME Business Growth with Global Marketing

SME’s and Global New Pastures


Although noticeably only a recent trend, I’m pleasantly surprised at the number of SME’s either exporting or planning on doing so in the near future. It could be a coincidence that nearly half the prospective clients we’ve spoken to in the last few months have asked about international marketing and our specific capabilities, but I […]

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Customer is King and Integrated Marketing is the Future

Marketing Integration Is Key But Without Customer Service, What’s The Point?


Let’s face it; we want to take every customer up the loyalty ladder; from Suspect to Advocate. It is only by using marketing integration to reach the correct audience at the right time, through on and offline tools, and nurturing those leads, can we then achieve such a victory. Customers are informed, expect value and […]

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IPA Report - what to consider when marketing

Short Vs Long Term Marketing


The IPA has released a new report named ‘The Long and Short of it’, which primarily talks through the benefits of short and long term marketing. It focuses specifically on how these approaches can have different outcomes for your business. It highlights that businesses put a lot of focus on short-term marketing in order to […]

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Getting to know Chalk & Ward Advertising

Warm Weather brings out the Best of the South West


Here at Chalk & Ward Advertising we love a bit of warm weather. It tempts us and many of our clients in the South West, out on to our office balcony in Southernhay, especially on a Friday with some wine. It’s become a regular monthly occurrence a chance to enjoy the sunshine, talk business and […]

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