Age Concern/Aidcall: Advertising Campaign

Aidcall Product Advertising Campaign

The Client

Aidcall are a business that manufactures remote controlled nurse-call systems, sold to hospitals and care homes.

Aidcall Advertising Campaign

The Challenge

As part of the Age Concern Group, all the profits go to the charity but commercially-focused competitors sold a product equally effective and similarly functioned but at half the price! Initial discussions found no USP at all.   So we had the challenge of asking ourselves… “How can we overcome this difficult market position with an ad campaign?”

The Result: Advertising Campaign

We went out with the field sales team to see if we could find something special, something unique, something that could help the sales team overcome the competitive price differential.

Fortunately we did! And the findings provided us with the USP we were looking for. The product was more than twice as robust as its competitors, but nobody had made the observation as they were too close to the product, its technical capabilities and functionality.

We produced an advertising campaign that was beautifully simple in its message and execution. Using strong, close up images of the elderly end users’ faces and bold “strength” headlines, the combination of which created a campaign packed with punch.

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