Ascot International: National Advertising Campaign

Ascot International – National Advertising Campaign

The Client

Ascot used to be one of the UK’s highest selling plimsole brands in the 1970s only outperformed by Green Flash. When the large USA brands moved in, the firm found themselves in the high volume/low margin ‘own label’ market. They launched premium brand ‘Azor Shoes’ to counteract this using their London agency. It worked so more brands were planned.

The Challenge

We were asked to create a powerful national advertising campaign to launch retro brand “Ascot 1972” unisex trainers. The brief was to get noticed not only by the male but also the female markets, and drive sales through a newly established independent retail distribution channel. The target audiences were lads and laddettes, aged 16 to 24.

The Result: National Advertising Campaign

Ascot National Advertising Campaign

Due to our in-house research and ad testing skills, we were able to research the target audiences as part of our pitch. We identified an element of sexuality, mixed with humour, which would be appropriate for both audiences and even seen by them as fun and unusual. The clear simplicity of the ad campaign was striking within the type of magazines in which they appeared.

Hugely noticeable and successful, the campaign even achieved significant press coverage, as a talking point. The sales targets were out-stripped, the number of stockists exceeded expectations and the client was even contacted by a London art gallery requesting the ad campaign be exhibited!

The client was so happy they subsequently fired their London agency handling the Azor brand and handed it to us to handle!

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