Bott Ltd: Digital Strategy

Bott Ltd a leading supplier of storage equipment for working environments

The Client

Bott Ltd are one of the country’s leading manufacturers of storage systems for workspaces and vehicles. Bott Ltd supply and produce the highest quality systems to improve workspace and efficiency, working with the individual through to fleet managers, from university science laboratories to your local car garage.

The Challenge

Bott Ltd enlisted Chalk & Ward Advertising’s help to increase website traffic, catalogue downloads, postal requests, phone calls and ultimately product orders! In order to meet these objectives we recommended a digital strategy that incorporated SEO, PPC, Content Marketing and Social Media. We now take a consultative role with their social media strategy and provide continued support. As always, we challenged the client so we could audit their website to ensure it provided an excellent user experience and that it met search engine best practice. We set up the chosen social platforms and provided Bott Ltd with the relevant information to get them started. We implemented SEO and PPC to bring them into the eye line of the major search engines.

Bott Ltd content marketing

The Result: Digital Strategy

Search engines began ranking Bott Ltd top ten for a number of their chosen keywords – they were barely visible before, with some keywords not even in the top 100! The marketing co-ordinator and digital team at Bott Ltd are now in a position to run the social media internally – not bad for a team who had barely used social media before. We have a great working relationship with Bott Ltd and they can see results in what we are doing for them – a happy client makes us happy.

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