Centrax: Responsive Website Design & CMS

Websites & CMS for Centrax

The Client

Centrax Gas Turbines manufacture and supply gas turbine-powered generation packages in the 3.9 MW to 66 MW power ranges for all industries including industrial and oil & gas energy markets across the world.

Chalk & Ward were appointed to re-design and re-build all three existing Centrax sites (Centrax Gas Turbines, Turbine Components and Centrax Industries.)

The Challenge

Along with a desire to refresh the brand image and modernise the websites, another reason behind the instruction of the project, was the complex and unwieldy nature of the previous Content Management System (CMS).  Centrax wished to regain as much control as they could so it was possible to add content in the exact way they wished, rather than be restricted by the constraints of the CMS.

One of the key functional requirements for the project was to build all 3 sites using a Responsive Web Design (RWD) approach. This optimises the sites for mobile usage (including tablets and smartphones) and helps to future-proof Centrax as much as possible.

The Result: Website Design & CMS

The Centrax Gas Turbine site is a multi-lingual site with translations across 6 languages, so together with the Turbine Components and Industries sites, we were looking at building a total of 8 sites. This is a complex task and one which had to be approached with careful planning and a structured approach.

The project commenced with a thorough Scope of Supply document which detailed the exact requirements of each of the sites, including site maps, functionality and content. A timeline was provided with milestone dates and we kept in close contact with Centrax throughout the course of the project.

We created Wireframe documents which outlined the structure of the website pages and once approved, created a draft design from which to approve colours, fonts and general look and feel.  From there, we were good to go.  The build process was complicated, with having to keep track of all the different content spreadsheets and any functional or design changes needed to be updated across 6 sites every time, but we remained consistent. All 3 sites launched together on the same day and by conducting CMS training with Centrax, they were able to take full control of their sites as desired.

Given the complexity of the project, with the need for multiple websites which translate across 6 different languages, Chalk & Wards’ expertise, management and attention to detail has been very impressive.  The sites deliver exactly what we were hoping for, with responsive design so that they’re compatible across all mobile platforms, multiple languages and cross links to our various divisions.  Our sites are now both fresh and modern whilst remaining informative and professional, exactly what we were looking for.  I look forward to continuing our positive working relationship with Chalk & Ward in the future. – Peter Ward, General Manager, Sales and Marketing

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