Francis Clark: Marketing Consultancy

Francis Clark

The Client:

Francis Clark is the region’s largest accountancy firm, with 7 offices in the south west. With over 90 years of experience, Francis Clark offers a broad range of services. Their professionalism, knowledge and insightful opinion provide long-term relationships with their client base.

Francis Clark had grown to a size which required an ongoing marketing function. We were employed as a replacement to their existing team by providing strategic marketing advice and implementation capabilities.

The Challenge:

Francis Clark had considerable PR presence, but limited marketing exposure and their online presence was very poor.  Our objective was to launch Francis Clark as a regional heavyweight, by placing them in a position of “clear blue water” ensuring the competition had to play catch up.

The Result: Marketing Consultancy

We put in place a team of Chalk & Ward marketing professionals to fully service the client, at considerably less cost than full time in-house equivalent staff.  The team consisted of a marketing director equivalent, specialist strategic digital input and professional implementation at marketing manager level.  All individuals challenged the client and provided direction and guidance to help achieve the growth required.

Within 6 months we had devised bespoke marketing plans for each individual sector and specialism, all of which was underpinned by the overall corporate brand strategy. This ensured consistency in message and tone of voice from all regional offices – everybody had a clear understanding of the values Francis Clark stood for and were confident in its delivery.

We launched a fully optimised website and managed and implemented SEO & PPC campaigns, alongside offline activity, the result of which boosted Francis Clark’s rankings to number one for all search terms.

We felt privileged to have worked with Francis Clark and to have taken them on their marketing journey and challenge their way of thinking.  Our time working with Francis Clark provided the client with a greater marketing presence to build upon and evolve as the firm continues to grow in size.

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