Hunter Stoves – Developing The Brand

The Client

Based in Devon, Hunter Stoves were the first woodstove company to manufacture in the UK. With a research & development centre in north Cornwall, they produce a range of traditional and contemporary stoves and employ over 100 staff.

The Challenge

Hunter Stoves have acquired a large portion of the market share over the years by adding a number of product brands to their range. This has, however, left them with a diluted parent brand. Their leading product range, The Herald, is often more familiar to their customers than the parent brand of Hunter Stoves. The challenge for Chalk & Ward was to bring clarity to the Hunter Stoves brand and separate it from their product sub-brands.

The Result

Chalk & Ward recommended an umbrella brand for Hunter Stoves to capture all of the products in the range. We therefore proposed Hunter Stoves became the ‘Hunter Stoves Group’. This would contain within it all eight sub-brands and any sub-brands acquired in the future.

Each sub-brand would then belong to the Hunter Stoves Group and meant we could clearly define the products from the main brand.

The logo for the Hunter Stoves Group needed to be modernised and a big step on from what they already had in place. As there had always been confusion with The Herald product brand, we also needed to ensure there was clarity between Hunter Stoves and Herald and therefore a new logo was required for the Herald sub-brand.

  dfgd           Old Hunter Stoves Logo  Hunter Stoves Logo

The result is a new umbrella brand: The Hunter Stoves Group, a new logo and a clear direction for Hunter Stoves moving forwards.

The logo is now being used on all literature and collateral including a stand for a recent exhibition at the Hearth & Home Show, as well as the new Hunter Stoves website.


Hunter Stoves Exhibit

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