Kitsons: Re-branding

Kitsons hire Chalk & Ward Advertising in the South West

The Client

Kitson Hutchings were a Devon based law firm. It had previously evolved from mergers, name changes and people changes but was still referred to by some of its previous names, as well as some more modern versions such as KH Law for the website.

Very confusing internally, not to mention externally!

The Challenge

We were tasked with taking the dated and confusing brand name and identity, and invigorating it with something more contemporary and exciting. The client asked us to recommend how best to move the brand forward, in a way that the staff could be united in branding and brand messages, so the market could then see the firm as a serious player. We researched what the market wanted of lawyers then employed our proven branding techniques to establish the core values of the firm, (Trust and Vibrancy). We invited key members of staff from all levels of the business to visit the agency and take part in a branding workshop. It is in this workshop where key ideas and notions about the company are discussed, broken down, scrutinized and furthered in a way that truly peels the brand down to the core. These final core agreed values is then how we move forward to create the identity. This outcome was then tested with a cross-section of individuals, prior to making formal recommendations.

Our recommendations included a simplification of the name to Kitsons, with a revolutionary and bold brand identity and strapline. We also implemented an internal programme to ensure everyone in the firm “lived” the brand.

The Result:

Kitsons Rebrand

“The branding and slogan have placed our heads above the parapet. The new identity has given us a new lease of  life and I can confirm several new client wins are directly attributable to suddenly being on their radar with a noticeable point of difference. The whole process was fun, innovative and eye-opening and we’re so happy we appointed Chalk & Ward to carry it out” Andrew Perkins – Managing Partner.

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