Living Homes: Door Drop Campaign

Living Homes Door Drop

The Client:

Living Homes is an independent  home retailer offering products across Somerset for over 40 years. They provide a friendly service and quality products which include; office, bedroom living and dining furniture, as well as appliances and flooring. Living Homes products and service is a thing of pride for the business and something that is reflected both instore and through promotional literature. With showrooms in Weston-Super-Mare and Street, Living Homes are able to target consumers throughout Somerset.

The Challenge:

Living Homes tasked us with creating an engaging door drop campaign which would stand out from the noise. We create and design a series of door drops throughout the year hitting doormats at key sales times. We work hard to balance credible brand imagery alongside bold sales messages and we are proud of the fact that we have been working closely with Somerset furniture and electrical retailer Living Homes since 1989!

Door Drop Campaigns

The Result: Door Drop

Door dropping is Living Homes single most effective marketing tool, having regularly posted leaflets around the Somerset area for over fifteen years. Each door drop consistently brings an upsurge of sales that have helped our client ride the current recession effectively.

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